About Me


Hi, my name’s Kent, and I started this website back in 2004 to share my passion for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, camping and the Great Outdoors.

I live in Colorado, where there are abundant opportunities to explore nature and embark on new outdoor adventures every month of the year.

This site has grown considerably over the years, and the sport of kayaking has grown along with it. Today paddling encompasses more than just kayaking and canoeing, it includes wave surfing, stand up paddling, and other niche sports. Many anglers now use yaks as fishing platforms, and competitive kayaking is a growing, vibrant sport of its own.

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people through this website over the years, and I get emails every week from paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to share their experiences and paddlesport adventures. I’ve heard from folks in Russia, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, and many other countries around the world. And they all share a passion for getting out there, spending time with family and friends, and experiencing all that life has to offer.

So thanks for stopping by and have a look around. This site is updated regularly with new articles and information, tips and tricks, product reviews and more. I write much of the content myself, but I also have some volunteers who contribute to the site, and we post items from guest bloggers and writers as well.

I hope you enjoy your visit here at the Kayaking Journal, and please come back when you get the chance. And if you’d like to drop me an email, you can use the contact form and I’d love to hear from you.