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Whitewater Kayaking

Whitewater Kayaking¬†   Do you live for whitewater kayaking?¬† Does the sound of raging rapids send tingles up your spine? Do you live for the adrenalin rush of launching cartwheels and 360 degree flat spins? Does the thought of play holes, surf waves, and deep eddy lines keep you awake at night? In other words, are you kayak crazy? Well, crazy or not, the smart whitewater paddler knows that practice, preparation, and the right equipment are essential when confronting serious rapids. And returning home in one piece at the end of the day. Things happen very quickly on the...

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Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking¬†   A pristine bay flanked by moss-covered cliffs. A bright sun reflected off smooth-as-glass water. Salt spray in your nostrils. A pod of Orcas swimming nearby… Sea kayaking conjures up all kinds of wonderful images. And none of them can capture the experience of actually being out on the water in a solid boat with your spouse or a group of good friends at your side. A sea kayak is a wonderfully nimble and seaworthy craft capable of taking you places that larger boats wouldn’t even attempt. Multi Day touring models can store enough food and other...

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Paddling Ovrview

The Sport Of Paddling – An Overview   So what exactly is the sport of paddling? Well the answer is that paddling is actually a number of individual water sports rolled up into one fairly broad category. Basically the sport of paddling involves propelling a small boat or raft with a single or double-bladed paddle, whether it’s a kayak, a canoe, an inflatable raft, a stand-up-paddleboard or even a Dragon Boat. Paddling offers a wide array of experiences for the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re just out for a relaxing day on a calm lake or pond, or you’re looking...

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