Aluminum Canoes

Aluminum Canoes


17 classic aluminum canoe 2Though many canoe enthusiasts have switched to synthetic and resin materials as these new, sleeker and lighter canoes have been developed for their ease and convenience, aluminum remains the toughest canoe available.

These boats are not subject to fading like it’s synthetic cousins. Aluminum makes these canoes very durable and able to withstand the outdoor elements. However, despite it’s tough material used to make these canoes, dents and puncturing are possible. When this does happen it’s very difficult to repair, and impossible to patch inconspicuously.

This is why aluminum canoes are not ideal for white water canoeing. It is difficult to maneuver the heavy boat in rapid water, especially for amateurs.

This is also because of the fact that they are heavy and difficult to carry. Long distance portage is not ideal for the canoes, and hikers or weaker individuals will find it easier carrying a synthetic canoe, as it is sleeker and lighter weight. It’s suggested that aluminum canoes are best for water front property, where little travel is required to reach the water. The canoe, as mentioned before, preforms at its best on flat water. Because of their weight, aluminum canoes may require buoyancy chambers to help keep it afloat.

Another option if you are looking at aluminum canoes is an aluminum alloy canoe. These have the benefit of being lighter like a synthetic canoe, but still have the strength and durability of a regular aluminum canoe.

These are also much thinner boats and may be better suited to white water canoeing, however it’s imperative that a buyer always asks a lot of questions when purchasing such a canoe. The quality of alloy canoes varies and testing the lightness and evaluating the durability of an aluminum allow canoe will help ensure that a buyer receives the quality that they pay for.





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