How to Mount a Kayak Fish Finder Transducer

So you finally got your great fishing kayak and you’re ready to go out fishing on the water you’re all excited and you think you have everything but then you forget there is one piece of the puzzle that’s missing and that is the kayak fish finder, GPS and transducer. You may have already put … Read more

Whats Faster Pedal Kayaks Vs Paddle Kayaks?

Pedal kayaks and speed is one of the age-old debates and one of the oldest ones around. One of the distance records held for the fastest hundred meter sprints using pedal power brought the craft up to 18.5 kn. And the 24 hour record for the fastest flatwater peddling was 245 km within a single … Read more

WHERE TO PURCHASE – FreedomHawkKayaks

WHERE TO PURCHASE – FreedomHawkKayaks Check Out These Great Kayak Options: Note: Links are to external product pages, nothing is sold on this site. Fishing “OUR LIST OF TOP FISHING KAYAKS OF THIS YEAR 1. BKC UK TK29  – OUR BEST CHOICE PICK THIS YEAR The BKC 220 has been a fresh face to the kayak scene … Read more

Do It Yourself Kayak Sails, A Guide and Resources

I have to be adamant before I start explaining some of the other do-it-yourself kayaks sail instructions that creating a kayaks sail yourself can be dangerous if you accidentally puncture something within your kayak or you do not correctly weigh the kayaks sail it could either cause your kayak to flied or your kayak to … Read more

Kayak Sail and Sail Kit Guide

yellow kayak sail

If you’re a proud kayak owner and are looking at getting a sailing kayak, wait. Why not just get a kayak sail for your current one? You can convert your regular kayak into a sailing kayak with nothing more than a simple kayak sail. There are plenty to choose from, from brands to styles and … Read more

Two Person Inflatable Kayak

2 person kayak

Two Person Inflatable Kayaks A two person inflatable kayak is an excellent way for beginners or even experienced water enthusiasts to get out on the water at anytime or anyplace. These watercraft are designed for lightweight portability and transport without the sacrifice of durability. Designed to function the same as a rigid kayak a two … Read more

Sea Kayak Buyers Intro

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Sea Kayak Buyers Intro As more and more people become aware of sea kayaking, we see sea kayak sales climbing. The great thing about this type of outdoor activity is that the entire family can enjoy it. In addition, sea kayaking is something that can be done by the elderly or young without experience as … Read more

Tandem Kayaks

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Tandem Kayaks   If you don’t like to paddle alone, or if your spouse or significant other isn’t comfortable paddling their own boat, consider a tandem kayak. Tandem kayaks  are larger, of course, and more expensive, and harder to paddle solo. But, like a bicycle built for two, tandem boats can be lots of fun, … Read more

Folding Kayak

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Folding Kayaks   If you’re a touring kayaker, you have another choice when considering a new boat — a folding kayak. Based on the age-old designs of the Aleuts, these recreational folding kayaks have several advantages over their rigid-hulled counterparts. First, due to the fact that they can be taken apart and the components packed … Read more

Fishing Kayak

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Fishing Kayaks Choosing the right fishing kayak can make the difference between a great outing or a miserable time on the water. Just remember that most kayaks weren’t built with the fisherman (or woman) in mind–this is especially true of whitewater kayaks. If you don’t already have a boat, you have the advantage of being … Read more