River Evaluation

river evaluation 1

River Evaluation – Play It Safe  Before You and Your Kayak Hit the Water    Okay, so you’ve found a new stretch of river that looks promising, and you’re itching to get your boat on the water. But not so fast. River evaluation is an important part of every safe paddling adventure. Before you take … Read more

International Scale Of River Difficulty


International Scale of River Difficulty    So you’ve discovered a great creek in the backcountry and you can’t wait to try out that new playboat of yours. But not so fast. Before venturing out onto unknown waters, you’d better find out what you’re getting yourself into. Talk to someone who’s recently paddled that creek. If … Read more

Overnight Kayak Trip Planning

kayak trip planning

Planning For an Overnight Kayak or Canoe Trip   Okay, so you’ve decided to take your paddling adventures to a new level, and start taking overnight kayaking or canoe trips. First know that these can be some of the most wonderful trips you can take, with friends or family, and you’ll bring back memories that … Read more

Kayak Survival Kit

survival kit

Kayak Survival Kit    Don’t think you need a kayak survival kit? Think again. Even if you’re just going out for an afternoon trek across the bay, you never know what’s going to happen out there. The weather could take a drastic change, for example, or you could be capsized by a rogue wave, or you … Read more

Using A Kayak Rudder

kayak rudder

Using A Kayak Rudder    If you’re new to sea or flatwater kayaking, one of the areas you may be unsure about is when and how to deploy the rudder on your kayak. First let’s dispel the most common misconception about the rudder on a kayak – that it’s used to steer or turn the … Read more

Landing In Surf

landing in surf

Landing In Surf    Sooner or later, every sea kayaker runs into the following situation. You’ve had a great day out on the water–a paddling excursion to remember for you and everyone in your group–but now it’s time to get yourself and your boat on shore. Depending on the conditions, this is where things could … Read more

Launching In Surf

launching in surf

Launching In Surf    Okay, so you’re relatively new to the sport of sea kayaking, and you’ve always gone out on nice days when the water was calm and the surf was down. Then one day you show up at the beach to find five-foot breakers crashing against the surf, and you don’t have a … Read more

Capsize Drill

capsize drill

Capsize Drill    Generally, sea kayaking is a dry sport, and unless you do a lot of surfing, you can expect to stay on top of the water the vast majority of the time. That doesn’t mean you can ignore the possibility of a capsize, however. As the bumper sticker says, stuff happens, and it’s … Read more

Sea Kayaking Safety

sea kayak safety

Sea Kayaking Safety Tips    When sea kayaking, safety should be your first and and most important consideration. That may sound like a cliché, but it’s true, especially if you intend to come back in one piece, or avoid an expensive and embarrassing Coast Guard rescue at sea. And toward that end, we’ve compiled a … Read more



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