Fitness Paddling

fitenss paddling

Fitness Paddling   Kayaking and canoeing are more than just ways to have a great time on the water, or a way to paddle out to that favorite fishing hole. Paddling is also a wonderful workout for your upper body, and to some extent your legs and lower back as well. Physical fitness is rapidly … Read more

Kayak Camping

Kayak Camping

Camping For Paddlers   Camping, as it relates to kayaking and canoeing, is a little different than camping from a car or RV, or hiking into a campsite. For one thing, you’ll have to pack light, due to the storage constraints of your boat, so you’ll need to pack only the essentials necessary for a … Read more

Surfski & Waveski

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Surfski & Waveski Kayaking   So what’s a surfski? If you’re new to this exciting sport, a surf ski is a lightweight sit-on-top (SOT) kayak that’s long, narrow, and has a foot-controlled rudder. These lightning-fast kayaks, because of their long (16-22 feet) narrow hulls, are ideal for punching through heavy surf and large, broken waves. … Read more


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Canoeing   Canoeing, the close cousin of kayaking, has been a popular sport around the world for many years. Almost everyone has paddled or ridden in a canoe at some point in their lives. Canoes were used by early explorers of the American Frontier, and before that by Native Americans, who fashioned these sturdy watercraft … Read more

Kayak Competition

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Competitive Kayaking   No doubt since the time of the first skin-on-frame kayaks, there have been paddlers eager to prove their skills on the water, and find out who among them was faster, quicker in the turns, or a better hunter. It’s just human nature to want to compete, and find out who’s the best, … Read more

Kayak Surfing

kayak surfing

Kayak Surfing    If you think that the only kind of surfing you can do is on a board, or with your body, think again. Kayak surfing is one of the fastest growing wave sports around, both on the ocean and on rivers as well. Whether you’re ripping a wave on an ice cold river … Read more

Whitewater Kayaking

whitewater kayaking

Whitewater Kayaking    Do you live for whitewater kayaking?  Does the sound of raging rapids send tingles up your spine? Do you live for the adrenalin rush of launching cartwheels and 360 degree flat spins? Does the thought of play holes, surf waves, and deep eddy lines keep you awake at night? In other words, … Read more

Sea Kayaking

sea kayaking

Sea Kayaking    A pristine bay flanked by moss-covered cliffs. A bright sun reflected off smooth-as-glass water. Salt spray in your nostrils. A pod of Orcas swimming nearby… Sea kayaking conjures up all kinds of wonderful images. And none of them can capture the experience of actually being out on the water in a solid … Read more

Paddling Overview

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The Sport Of Paddling – An Overview   So what exactly is the sport of paddling? Well the answer is that paddling is actually a number of individual water sports rolled up into one fairly broad category. Basically the sport of paddling involves propelling a small boat or raft with a single or double-bladed paddle, … Read more