Kayak Sail and Sail Kit Guide

yellow kayak sail

If you’re a proud kayak owner and are looking at getting a sailing kayak, wait. Why not just get a kayak sail for your current one? You can convert your regular kayak into a sailing kayak with nothing more than a simple kayak sail. There are plenty to choose from, from brands to styles and … Read more

Sea Kayak Buyers Intro

sea kayk sales

Sea Kayak Buyers Intro As more and more people become aware of sea kayaking, we see sea kayak sales climbing. The great thing about this type of outdoor activity is that the entire family can enjoy it. In addition, sea kayaking is something that can be done by the elderly or young without experience as … Read more

Kayak Fish Finder

kayak fish finder

Kayak Fish Finder Do you want to increase your chances of catching your limit on your next trip? Consider buying a kayak fish finder. Fish finders are sonar devices that can help everyone from the weekend angler to a tournament pro be a more productive fisherman (or woman). Using a kayak fish finder can help … Read more

GPS Guide

gps guide

GPS Guide   So what is this GPS thing, exactly? And why can having a handheld GPS receiver be a very smart thing when traveling into the backcountry? Well besides being a great way to figure out where you are, in just about any place in the world (and one of the best ways to … Read more

Buying A Kayak

buying a kayak

Buying A Kayak    Yes, choosing the right boat is the most important (and most expensive) decision a kayaker has to make. But buying a Kayak doesn’t have to be a nightmarish experience. Much of your decision depends  on the type of paddling you plan to do. If you’ll be spending most of your time … Read more