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Best 5+ of 2021 : Kayak Sail Reviews (Updated!)

Most people don’t know what they’re looking for when they are buying a kayak sail and end up buying something they hate and have to return. We’re here to help after compiling hours upon hours of data on different types of kayak...

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Top 11+ Best Fish Finder of 2021 (Lowrance, Hum)

The best fishing kayak, top of the range reel and tackle, extensive range of lures and bait, and still no fish! Fish are supposedly everywhere, yet you sometimes need the help of a device to find them.A simple solution that was...

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Top 11+ Best Kayak Paddle of 2021 (BB, Aqua)

Finding the best kayak paddle can be the most important part of a kayak, its robustness and function make the rest of the kayak move. Using the incorrect paddle or incorrect stroke can leave you tired and burnt out without the...

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Top 5+ Best Pedal Kayak of 2021 (BKC, Hobie)

Kayaks have been around for over 4000 years with some of the oldest kayaks from 1577 still on display in museums today. The original kayaks were made for fishing and traveling. The kayak has gone through many evolution’s...

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GPS Guide

GPS Guide   So what is this GPS thing, exactly? And why can having a handheld GPS receiver be...

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Buying A Kayak

Buying A Kayak    Yes, choosing the right boat is the most important (and most expensive)...

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