Fishing Kayak

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Fishing Kayaks Choosing the right fishing kayak can make the difference between a great outing or a miserable time on the water. Just remember that most kayaks weren’t built with the fisherman (or woman) in mind–this is especially true of whitewater kayaks. If you don’t already have a boat, you have the advantage of being … Read more

Fishing From A Kayak

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Fishing From A Kayak    Each and every year there is an increase in the number of fishermen who have decided that their most important piece of angling equipment is not a rod and reel but a kayak. While there will always be those that can’t imagine fishing from anything other than a motor boat … Read more

Fishing Equipment Tips

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Fishing Equipment Tips     Editor’s Note – Here’s a great article by Frank Faldo about how to buy good fishing equipment. Just as with any other outdoor activity, kayak fishing requires having the right equipment, and making sure all your gear is in good working condition. It can make the difference between having a … Read more

Fly Fishing Tips

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10 Fly Fishing Tips    By Donald Berthiaume When looking for information on how to fly fish, fly fishing tips or fly fishing techniques, many anglers, or anglers to be,who limit their search to books or material written ithin the last few years or decades are short-changing themselves. Fact is, many anglers continue to miss … Read more

Largemouth Bass Fishing

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Largemouth Bass Fishing   By Cameron Larsen Like all bass fishing, bass fly fishing has exploded in popularity. The largemouth bass is considered by many the greatest of all gamefish. Once limited to just the Eastern United States, the largemouth bass has been introduced all over the continent. When most people think of bass fishing … Read more

Planning your next fly fishing trip right way


Planning your fly fishing trip     When planning for your fly fishing trip in Wyoming, there are several factors that should be considered. A little time spent planning will make your fly fishing trip more enjoyable, and your time on the water more productive. In order to properly plan your fly fishing trip, you … Read more

The Hendrickson Mayfly

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The Hendrickson Mayfly                                                                               By Cameron Larsen   Mayflies are essential to trout fly fishing. There are … Read more

Kayak Fish Finder

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Kayak Fish Finder Do you want to increase your chances of catching your limit on your next trip? Consider buying a kayak fish finder. Fish finders are sonar devices that can help everyone from the weekend angler to a tournament pro be a more productive fisherman (or woman). Using a kayak fish finder can help … Read more

Kayak Fishing Basics

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Kayak Fishing Basics   If you’re used to fishing from shore or from an open boat, than you’ll probably find that fishing from a kayak is an entirely different experience. Kayak fishing is more like sitting in the water–not on top of it–and you’ll first want to master the fundamentals of paddling a kayak before … Read more