Canoeing Trips

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The Splendor of Canoeing Trips   Exploring the great outdoors is a wonderful thing to do. It’s’ not just for fans of the outdoors, it’s for all walks of life. There are many different things to remember when looking through the wide variety of canoeing trips that are available to enthusiasts and novices alike. You … Read more

Canoeing Basics

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Canoeing Basics   There are many canoeing basics to learn. Paddling in a canoe is an excellent form of exercise and it is a versatile way to get around in the water. Canoes are lighter and easier to carry than row boats out of the water and much quieter than a motorboat. Canoes work best … Read more

Sanding A Strip Built Sea Kayak

sanding a strip buit sea kayk

Sanding a Strip-Built Sea Kayak   Sanding is one of those jobs that’s required for building a strip-built sea kayak, but it’s also most builder’s least-favorite activity. Sanding is just plain hard work, after all, and can seem like an endless task, especially at the beginning of a project. But don’t despair – there are … Read more

Kayak Building Plans

kayak plans

Kayak Plans   If you’ve decided to build a boat, you’ll need a good set of kayak plans, along with tools, an open work space, and a lot of time and patience. Another option is to buy a full kayak kit with all of the materials included. This might be your best option if you’re … Read more

Kayaking Mexico


Kayaking Mexico    Kayaking Mexico can be a wonderful adventure for the paddler stuck in a cold weather city during the winter months. Not only is Mexico warm and sunny during the winter (and the rest of the year too!) but it also has thousands of miles of pristine coastline, both on the Pacific side … Read more

Alaska Sea Kayaking

alaska sea kayaking

Alaska Sea Kayaking  If Alaska sea kayaking sounds like one of those adventures of a lifetime, you’re right. If you’d dreamed of kayaking through emerald blue waters, surrounded by hanging glaciers and rugged cliffs that glisten in the sun, in a land where daylight can last twenty hours or more, then Alaska is your destination. … Read more

Kayaking The San Juan Islands

san juan island

Kayaking San Juan Islands    Sea kayaking the San Juan Islands of Northwest Washington state. If you’re looking for the best place on the West Coast to see orca whales from a sea kayak, the San Juan Islands should be on the top of your list. If you’ve never seen the pristine San Juans from … Read more

Kayak Photography

kayaking photography

Kayak Photography   One of the great things about kayaking is that it gets you out into nature and away from the crowds and the bustle of everyday tourist attractions. And it also presents the alert kayak photographer with opportunities to take some unforgettable wildlife and scenic photos–whether you’re shooting film or digital. Now, if … Read more

Kayak History

kayak history

Kayak History   1000-1900 — The first kayaks were fashioned out of driftwood and animal skins by the natives of the arctic regions of Asia, North America, and Greenland. These long, narrow, covered boats were ideally suited for hunting seals and walruses across the frigid arctic waters. In fact, the name kayak means “hunter’s boat.” … Read more

Kayak Terminology

kayak terminology

  Kayak Terminology   ABEAM — To the right, or at right angles to the center of a water craft. ABOARD. — On, or in, a water craft. A.C.A. — American Canoe Association. ACCESS POINT — The spot on the banks of a river or lake where you put in or take out. ACTIVE BLADE … Read more