Capsize Drill

capsize drill

Capsize Drill    Generally, sea kayaking is a dry sport, and unless you do a lot of surfing, you can expect to stay on top of the water the vast majority of the time. That doesn’t mean you can ignore the possibility of a capsize, however. As the bumper sticker says, stuff happens, and it’s … Read more

Sea Kayaking Safety

sea kayak safety

Sea Kayaking Safety Tips    When sea kayaking, safety should be your first and and most important consideration. That may sound like a cliché, but it’s true, especially if you intend to come back in one piece, or avoid an expensive and embarrassing Coast Guard rescue at sea. And toward that end, we’ve compiled a … Read more

Building A Kayak

building the kayak

Building A Kayak   Okay, so you’ve decided to build your own kayak. But hold on a minute. Building a kayak involves a lot more than a few weekends out in the garage sanding plywood or doping canvas panels. Building a kayak is a considerable investment–in tools, materials, space, and most of all, time. Now … Read more

Types of Canoes

types of canoes

Types of Canoes   Okay, so you’ve decided to buy a canoe. Whether you’re a beginner to the sport, or a seasoned paddler, the variety of brands, types and models of canoes on the market today can be a bit overwhelming. The modern canoe has come a lot way from its original skin-on-frame ancestors, and … Read more

Buying A Kayak

buying a kayak

Buying A Kayak    Yes, choosing the right boat is the most important (and most expensive) decision a kayaker has to make. But buying a Kayak doesn’t have to be a nightmarish experience. Much of your decision depends  on the type of paddling you plan to do. If you’ll be spending most of your time … Read more

Types Of Kayak

types of kayak

Types of Kayaks   If you’re new to paddling, you may be somewhat confused by the wide variety of kayaks available on the market today. Boats have been developed for just about every conceivable application, and no doubt the manufacturers are busy developing even more designs for the paddlesports of tomorrow. In any case, we … Read more

Kayaking Videos

kayaking videos

Kayaking Videos   On this page we’ve assembled some informative kayaking and canoeing videos from a variety of sources. Sometimes it’s easier to learn by watching someone actually perform a technique, rather than reading about it. A number of these kayaking videos involve different methods of performing the Eskimo Roll, an activity that frightens many … Read more

Stand Up Paddling

stand up kayaking

Stand Up Paddling   Stand up paddling, or SUP for short, is a sport that has become increasingly popular in the past few years. But you might not know that stand up paddling is actually two different sports. The first is SUP “surfing,” which is how the sport was first invented in Hawaii, and the second … Read more

Paddling Overview

best inflatable kayak

The Sport Of Paddling – An Overview   So what exactly is the sport of paddling? Well the answer is that paddling is actually a number of individual water sports rolled up into one fairly broad category. Basically the sport of paddling involves propelling a small boat or raft with a single or double-bladed paddle, … Read more