Fishing From A Kayak

Fishing From A Kayak 


Each and every year there is an increase in the number of fishermen who have decided that their most important piece of angling equipment is not a rod and reel but a kayak. While there will always be those that can’t imagine fishing from anything other than a motor boat equipped all the comforts of home, fishing from a kayak has many advantages that can’t be ignored.

fishing from a kayakOne of the first things you will find about fishing from a kayak is its immediacy. All you need to be able to do is reach the water. No waiting at a ramp at the marina, no waiting for a dinghy, in fact there is no waiting for anything. You can float a kayak in as little as 6 inches of water and take off. Floating in shallows will pay off not only in a quick start to your angling, but fishing from kayak can take you into all those rocky log strewn protected little coves that fish love to feed in.

The fish themselves will never know you have arrived in their favorite little hideaway. With only a paddle to glide you across the top of the water a kayak fisherman is a stealthy hunter indeed. Fishing from a kayak is a perfect form of sight fishing since you are sitting so close to the water and there is so little disturbance to the surface. You can see where the fish are and paddle close enough to cast your line nearby. Fly-fishing from a kayak would work very similarly, though the low seating makes fly-casting a bit more difficult. A kayak can also be used to troll. To do this you simply would cast the line out behind the boat, place it in the rod holder and paddle slowly away, leaving your baited line trailing behind you attracting the fish. Once you get a bite, you store your paddle and lift the rod back out of the holder.

Kayak fishing got it’s beginnings in the early 1990’s when saltwater kayak users in Southern California began to take fishing rods out with them. It spread in popularity to Florida, Texas, New York and Connecticut. Fishing from a kayak takes on a bit of a thrill ride aspect when a large fish is hooked in open water and begins to take your boat for a ride.

With fishing from a kayak growing in popularity there is a corresponding increase in equipment available. You can now find kayaks that are tricked out with fish finders and global positioning systems. You will find these fully equipped fishing kayaks priced between $800 and $1200.


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