Kayaking Clubs

Kayaking Clubs


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Joining a kayaking club can be a great way to learn new skills, make new friends, and find great new places to paddle in your neck of the woods.  Kayaking clubs offer a variety of activities, and there are usually experienced paddlers available to answer questions and help folks who are new to the sport.

Most clubs have organized outings where you can experience new paddling adventures and learn new skills. Going out with a group can stimulate you to push the envelope and try new techniques. If you’re new to your part of the country, a club can be a great resource for finding local outfitters and places to paddle. And you might just meet a lifelong friend or two to share your interests and enjoyment of the outdoors.

No kayaking clubs in your area?  Maybe you can start one. There are a variety of online chat rooms and newsgroups devoted to kayaking and other paddling sports. If you ask around, and you might just find others in your area who are looking to form a group.




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