Kayaking Videos


On this page we’ve assembled some informative kayaking and canoeing videos from a variety of sources. Sometimes it’s easier to learn by watching someone actually perform a technique, rather than reading about it.

A number of these kayaking videos involve different methods of performing the Eskimo Roll, an activity that frightens many new paddlers (and some experienced ones), but one that’s essential to learn, and learn well.


Water Launching a Sea Kayak



Eskimo Roll: Kayak Self-Rescue


Extreme Sea Kayaking


Kayak Roll Clinic


Extreme Colorado Kayaking


Begining Kayaking: Proper Paddling Technique


Kayaking Skills Basic Strokes Video


We will be adding more kayaking videos in the future as they become available. I as they become available. If you have a video you’d like us to add to our site, you can use the submit form to let us know about it. We’re always looking for more kayaking, canoeing and fishing videos that we can share with our visitors.