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Motorized Kayaks.. Fun and Excitement on the Water


What more can a fisherman ask for than loading up his gear and heading out on his motorized kayak?

Motorized kayaks are becoming the new trend in fishing equipment and with good reason. Their ability to propel the rider through waves with ease and speed, plus quiet motor operation that enables those stealthy approaches is ideal for catching the big one.

motorised kayak 1Motorized kayaks come from a variety of manufacturers and many different options are available. Most models feature open or sit-on decks for ease of movement and access to equipment. Many fishermen customize their motorized kayaks with items such as rod holders, fish finders, outriggers and GPS navigation. There is nothing, and no fish, that you won’t be prepared for.

But are fisherman the only ones who can enjoy the fun and excitement of motorized kayaks? Absolutely not! There are numerous models available for the adventurer looking to hit the water and discover nature in a whole new way. Spacious cargo holds and watertight housings make motorized kayaks the ideal choice of birdwatchers, nature photographers or the weekend warrior, and all without sacrificing comfort.

Even those hard to reach places are no match for motorized kayaks. Lightweight construction allows for ease of transportation on top of your four-wheel drive vehicle, no trailer is required. With a weight of typically just over 100lbs., two people can easily carry a motorized kayak down to the water’s edge where accessibility is limited. And if you miss the feeling of a paddle in your hands? No problem, all you need to do is remove the motor, drop in your skeg and grab a paddle.

Are there any downsides to motorized kayaks? It is hard to find any but there are a few items that you should be aware of before purchasing one. Motorized kayaks are not for children under the age of 12. They are a watercraft for open water and safety should be a priority. The use of a life jacket is always recommended and an operator’s license is required due to the motor. In addition, motorized kayaks will need to be registered with your state or local government, depending on mandated requirements.

The bottom line is that motorized kayaks are a fun and exciting way to spend time on the water. Now let’s go out, load up our kayak, and always play safe!



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