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Perception Kayak Prodigy Roxie Kayak Review

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If you’re an amateur paddler, looking to get into kayaking, you’re most likely looking for something that is easy to maneuver in the water, and doesn’t cause too much problems when you want to get it in or out of your car. You won’t need a lot of bells and whistles, but instead you require a kayak that you can enjoy, that offers comfort and allows you to carry a decent amount of gear with you. You will appreciate a bigger cockpit, as it also gives you the benefit of getting in and out with ease. If you’ve recognized yourself in the aforementioned requirements, you might want to take a look at Perception’s Prodigy 12 kayak. It checks all the boxes, and it has a few things that might make you want it even more, even if you’re an experienced paddler looking for an easy and light kayak. Interested yet? Read on for the full Perception Kayak Prodigy Roxie review, to see if this should be your next order.

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Description and Features

               The Perception Kayak Prodigy Roxie is a 12’2” long kayak, which is enough for you and some gear for your next trip. It’s the bigger brother to the Prodigy 10, which was smaller and hence didn’t enough offer space for a lot of people. The Prodigy 12, on the other hand, is made to fix that, and it comes with a few other bits and bobs as well. It’s made of a custom, high-grade polyethylene plastic, which results in a one-piece construction made to last, and offer exceptional strength. The kayak has high UV and abrasion resistance, and is also fairly resistant to impacts. There is an excellent compromise between strength and weight, becausefeatures list it’s built with varied thickness, meaning you will get strength where you need it, and you won’t get any additional weight where you don’t.

The kayak, due to its build, is easy enough to put in or on your car by yourself with no extra effort, making it ideal for solo trips further from shore, where you don’t have anyone to help you with it. Coming at around 50lbs, it’s also fairly light. The Zone DLX seat offers plenty of comfort, and the cockpit is big enough for you to even be able to fit a pet in it. You also get adjustable foot pegs, which is excellent for people who find it a bit hard to fit inside the cockpit. It comes with an open bow, which is great for storage such as fishing gear. You should bear in mind though, that the manufacturer has placed a weight limit of 350lbs/159kg, for optimal performance and safety.

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When we’re discussing performance, this kayak has a high waterline, meaning you won’t get water in it, even if you carry gear with you. It’s considered to be a fairly stable kayak, and carries a lot of speed, especially when you compare it to a hybrid or an inflatable. The width has been a bit problematic for some, especially if you’re trying to paddle through waves, but having a longer paddle helps.

A few downsides of the Perception Kayak Prodigy Roxie should also be noted. First, if you’re paddling through high rapids, you should note that you might get some water in it. This is firstly due to the fact that this is purely a recreational kayak, and second due to the openness of the cockpit. It also doesn’t offer a lot of extras, such as fishing gear mounts, or a cup holder, which could be a potential downside for a number of users.


At the end of the day, this is a recreational kayak, made for an entry level user who doesn’t need much more than a kayak that is easy to transport, as well as being stable, comfortable, and offer plenty of room for both people and gear. It’s not made for rough waters, and you might get water in it if used in such, but for a recreational trip further from shore, it’s perfect for you and your gear, and you might even be able to take your pet with you. If the description fits you, you should wait no more and order the Perception Kayak Prodigy Roxie.

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