Best Kayak Blog & Website Awards (Top 11)

Every year we put together a list of our favorite blogs/websites; the following are the best blogs from the editors of kayakingjournal:

Top 1-11 Kayak Blogs and Websites

With the myriad of content out there, finding the best blogs that truly resonate with your love for kayaking can be a challenge.


That’s why our editors at Kayaking Journal have done the heavy lifting for you. We have navigated through the digital waves to bring you a curated list of the top kayaking blogs from across the globe. This comprehensive list includes personal blogs from world-renowned kayakers, gear review websites, kayaking adventure chronicles, and even platforms dedicated to kayaking, like fishing and touring.

From the seasoned pro to the casual hobbyist, there is something here for everyone. So sit back, relax, and embark on this virtual kayaking journey together!”

No.Blog NameURLDescription
1Werner Paddles blog of Werner Paddles, a well-known kayak and paddle manufacturer. Contains reviews of their products, user experiences, industry news, and event information.
2Kokatat is a personal blog by Luke Rovner, an avid kayaker. Features in-depth product reviews, how-to articles, and unique content about the kayaking lifestyle.
3Clockwise Kayakclockwisekayak.comChronicles a detailed, ambitious journey that goes clockwise around the UK by sea kayak. Features breathtaking pictures, planning tips, and personal insights.
4Go Sea Kayak Bloggoseakayakblog.comThis a personal blog by Luke Rovner, an avid kayaker. Features in-depth product reviews, how-to articles, and unique content about the kayaking lifestyle.
5The Paddlerthepaddlermag.comA digital magazine that features interesting articles about all kinds of paddling, including kayaking, canoeing, and SUP. Includes interviews with professional paddlers and tips for improving your skills.
6Kayak Hipsterkayakhipster.comA comprehensive site that offers a wealth of information about kayaking: includes articles on various topics like adventure stories, skill-building, gear reviews, and culture pieces related to kayaking.
7Paddling Magazinepaddlingmag.comRecords the personal adventures of Taran Tyla, an adventurous kayaker. It contains stories, photos, and lessons learned from kayaking in various locations worldwide.
8Kayak Sessionkayaksession.comA global kayaking platform providing news, freestyle, creek, and sea kayaking content. Hosts videos, event coverage, and tutorials to cater to kayakers of all levels.
9Paddling Lifepaddlinglife.comA blog that offers stories of calm, relaxed kayaking adventures that focus on appreciating nature. Provides reviews of eco-friendly gear and tips for sustainable kayaking.
10The Kayaking Journal (Us Woohoo!)kayakingjournal.comAn extensive blog about all things kayaking. Offers comprehensive guides, tips, advice, gear reviews, and more to help both beginners and seasoned kayakers.
11Kayak Anglerkayakanglermag.comA specialist resource for kayak fishing enthusiasts. Offers articles, tips, and advice on various paddle sports, including kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

Criteria for Selection

When identifying the crème de la crème of kayaking blogs, our selection process thoroughly and systematically examines several key factors. We believe the best blogs aren’t just about conveying information—they’re about creating a unique experience that engages, educates, and inspires their readers. Here are the essential criteria we used to select these top blogs:

  1. Quality of Content: This is arguably the most important factor. A good blog offers high-quality, accurate, and up-to-date content. It should provide useful information to its audience, whether gear reviews, safety tips, adventure stories, or how-to guides. The writing should be clear, concise, and captivating, drawing readers in and holding their attention.
  2. Frequency of Posts: Regularly updated blogs are more likely to offer current and relevant information. A consistent posting schedule shows the blog’s dedication and commitment to providing fresh content for its readers. While the ideal frequency can vary, blogs that post at least once a month have been given preference.
  3. Community Engagement: The top blogs are more than one-way communication—they foster a sense of community. This could be through active comment sections, reader submissions, social media engagement, or hosting events. Blogs that encourage reader interaction and promptly respond to comments or questions scored highly in this area.
  4. Innovation: The best blogs aren’t just following the crowd but setting the trends. This could involve unique features, such as interactive maps or virtual tours, inventive content types like video blogs or podcasts, or covering new and emerging topics in the world of kayaking.
  5. Influence: Last but certainly not least, we considered the blog’s influence. This is often seen in the size and engagement level of their audience, their reputation within the kayaking community, and their impact on the sport. The influence could also be measured in recognition, such as awards won, mentions in media, or collaborations with major brands.

Selecting the top blogs based on these criteria ensures a list that includes not just the most popular or well-known blogs but also those that truly add value to the kayaking community. It celebrates those that go above and beyond to deliver exceptional content, foster a sense of community, break new ground, and make a genuine impact in kayaking.

The Future of

At, our mission has always been to provide a platform that serves as a comprehensive resource for every kayaker, be they beginners making their first tentative paddle strokes or experienced adventurers seeking new challenges. We’re driven by our passion for the sport, respect for the world’s waterways, and commitment to our readers.

image 1

As we look to the future, we’re focused on continually improving and evolving, striving to make a better kayaking blog and the go-to hub for all things kayaking.

Increasing Interactivity: One of our primary goals is to foster an active, engaging community around our blog. We plan to introduce more interactive features like reader polls, Q&A sessions with kayaking experts, and forums where kayakers can share experiences and advice.

Expanding Content: We’re committed to broadening our content range to encompass every aspect of the sport. Look out for more how-to guides, detailed gear reviews, profiles on professional kayakers, and features on kayaking locations worldwide. We’re also planning a series on kayak maintenance and safety and regular updates on environmental issues related to kayaking and our waterways.

Harnessing Technology: As part of our forward-looking approach, we’re exploring incorporating more multimedia content, like videos and podcasts, into our blog. We’re also considering developing a mobile app to make our content more accessible and user-friendly, providing updates and information at your fingertips.

Building Partnerships: We’re working on establishing collaborations with other key players in the kayaking world, from equipment manufacturers to tour operators. These partnerships will help us bring exclusive content, product trials, and, potentially, some fantastic giveaways!

Inviting Contributions: We believe that some of the best insights come from fellow kayakers, and we’re looking to invite more guest posts from our readers. Whether it’s an epic journey you’ve undertaken or a handy tip you’ve discovered, we’d love to share your experiences with the community.

In everything we do, our guiding principle is to serve the interests and needs of our readers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions, and we’re excited about walking this journey with you, our fellow kayaking enthusiasts. After all, at, we’re not just a blog—we’re a community. Let’s make this the best possible resource for all who love and enjoy kayaking.

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