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John “Trapper” Rudd Address: Cutthroat AnglersSilverthorne, Colorado and Naples, FLPhone: 970–262–2878Website: www.fishcolorado.comEmail: Bio: Trapper will fish anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Finding pity for land-lubbers, Trap spreads the lore of fly fishing to the masses boththrough his shop and during his extensive International travels. Self admitted, he would be happy lost at sea on a … Read more


Pathfinder Can I add a motor?Yes. Inserts are included for our motor mount ($109 option) and this accessory can be added in less than 5 minutes. We recommend using a 30-40 thrust electric long shaft transom style motor mount. How much does the Pathfinder cost?The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Pathfinder is $1,395. … Read more

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WHERE TO PURCHASE – FreedomHawkKayaks Check Out These Great Kayak Options: Note: Links are to external product pages, nothing is sold on this site. Fishing “OUR LIST OF TOP FISHING KAYAKS OF THIS YEAR 1. BKC UK TK29  – OUR BEST CHOICE PICK THIS YEAR The BKC 220 has been a fresh face to the kayak scene … Read more

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Hi, my name’s Julian, and I started this website in 2004 to share my passion for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, camping, and the Great Outdoors. I live in Colorado, where abundant opportunities exist to explore nature and embark on new outdoor adventures every month of the year. This site has grown considerably over the years, and … Read more