Kayak Rigging – A Guide for Fishing Rigs (Fishing Kayak Expert Tips)

rigging a kayak for fishing

There are a couple of things that you should take into consideration when you are thinking about your kayak rigging. They consist of safety, reachability, comfort, and accessibility. Safety Shall we talk about safety first? When setting up your new or old kayak, you don’t want to worry about having your safety gear within reach. … Read more

Brooklyn Kayak Company Review (Are Their Kayaks Worth It?)

brooklyn kayak

BKC has a wide variety of options to choose from though they are most known for their fishing and pedal kayaks because of their features and low price. I have given a background of the company, described its kayaks, selected five excellent models to choose from, and covered the company’s pros and cons below. What … Read more

Where Does the Fishfinder Transducer Go on a Kayak?

lowrance device on kayaks

Fish finder mount kayaks have changed the game for many kayak anglers, but where exactly should you place your fishfinder transducer? The location of the transducer depends on the kayak you’re using. You could also choose other locations for the transducers as long as it is visible, easy to reach, and safe from harm.  Get … Read more

How Fast Do Kayaks Go? (Factors & MPH Speeds)

man kayaking in a lake

Kayaks aren’t the fastest on the water, but in the hands of an experienced kayaker, they can surprise many.  Kayaks typically move at a speed of two miles per hour. This number is the baseline that the average kayaker can reach. In more experienced hands, the average kayak speed is usually 5 miles per hour. … Read more

Where are Hobie Kayaks Made?

man kayaking using hobie kayak

The Hobie Mirage is among the best kayaks on the market, but where exactly is it made? All Hobie kayaks are created in California, USA. The Hobie Cat sources high-quality yet lightweight materials and assembles them within its California headquarters. Each product is carefully tested and examined before it is distributed to sellers worldwide.   … Read more

How To Increase the Weight Capacity Of a Kayak

woman kayaking

When it comes to kayaks, weight capacity is determined by the kayak’s hull shape and size. A prepared kayaker knows beforehand how much gear and human weight the Kayak can hold while keeping it afloat. To ensure your safety, the gear weight in total should be 70% of the Kayak’s weight capacity. That means, if … Read more

How Far Can You Kayak In A Day (Kayaking 101)

woman kayaking

A kayak is an efficient way to explore rivers, lakes, and oceans. A day’s worth of paddling usually ranges between 10 and 20 miles. Many beginners may start to ask this question usually. Once you fall in love with kayaking then this question becomes natural. In your vacations or when you have a full day … Read more

How To Lock Up A Kayak (The Safe and Secure Way)

kayaks in a rack

Whether you own a personal Kayak or run a Kayaking business, you need to know how to properly lock up a Kayak to avoid theft. It can be a bit tricky to secure a Kayak, as these boats don’t come with a built-in locking mechanism. There are various hacks to locking a Kayak indoors, but … Read more