The Benefits of Kayak Sailing

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In the world of kayaking, there is a constant push of new innovations that continue to make things easier and more fun. One of those things is kayaking with a sail, or kayak sailing. If you add a sail to your kayak, you could enjoy kayaking in a whole new way. And yes, there are … Read more

Kayak Sailing Tips and Tricks FAQ

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If you have ever considered an activity that will make kayaking more fun, now would be the right time to try one – kayak sailing. In these past couple of years there has been a rapid rise in kayak sailing. From new sails, to kayaks that are made to accommodate sails from the get go, … Read more

How To Launch A Pedal Kayak Tutorial

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If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest kayaking trends, you may not know that pedal kayaks are actually picking up a lot of steam. There are actually a couple of reasons – they’ve become a tad cheaper, they’re very practical and simple to use, and they give you quite a few advantages over … Read more

The different types of pedal kayaks

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Recently for fishing more than anything pedal kayaks have really been picking up speed and becoming more and more popular. There’s something about the ability to pedal and fish without having to take your hands and use a paddle that makes fishing on a kayak much easier and much more efficient. However, with the increase … Read more

What are the Different Types Of Kayak Sails?

When you’re choosing a kayaks sail a lot of the times people are perplexed as to which model they need for which kayak and what is the deal with all of these different types of kayak sails out there. It can be confusing for someone who is just getting into the sport when they go … Read more

How to Mount a Kayak Fish Finder Transducer

So you finally got your great fishing kayak and you’re ready to go out fishing on the water you’re all excited and you think you have everything but then you forget there is one piece of the puzzle that’s missing and that is the kayak fish finder, GPS and transducer. You may have already put … Read more

Whats Faster Pedal Kayaks Vs Paddle Kayaks?

Pedal kayaks and speed is one of the age-old debates and one of the oldest ones around. One of the distance records held for the fastest hundred meter sprints using pedal power brought the craft up to 18.5 kn. And the 24 hour record for the fastest flatwater peddling was 245 km within a single … Read more

Do It Yourself Kayak Sails, A Guide and Resources

I have to be adamant before I start explaining some of the other do-it-yourself kayaks sail instructions that creating a kayaks sail yourself can be dangerous if you accidentally puncture something within your kayak or you do not correctly weigh the kayaks sail it could either cause your kayak to flied or your kayak to … Read more