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The Benefits of Kayak Sailing

In the world of kayaking, there is a constant push of new innovations that continue to make things easier and more fun. One of those things is kayaking with a sail, or kayak sailing. If you add a sail to your kayak, you could...

These are not your ordinary kayak guides. We review kayaks like the Pathfinder & Freedom 12 which are amazing kayaks and the first angling kayaks designed from the waterline up to allow the user to stand safely and comfortably, thanks to their patented Integrated Outrigger design. Check out some of our guides to really learn which kayak is best for you.


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Many people are often confused when choosing the perfect fishing kayak. There are just so many choices out there with so many different models it gets very confusing to try and choose the right one and even when you whittle down your choices to a few good models you're still left with a huge conundrum there may be over 20 different models in your price range and you'll be confused trying to figure out which one you actually want to choose. To help those that are choosing the right kayak from a neutral prospective we have created an interesting manual especially for fishing kayaks you can go see the guide at the bottom where we have attached the links.

likewise they have created a great guide for continuing on and choosing a paddle. Finally if that isn't enough for you be sure to check out some other guides including the tandem kayak guide.

Do you think you've done everything you can with a kayak looking for some new excitement? Well kayak sailing is a new up and coming sport which can be added to any kayak.

The ability to stand and cast more effectively or the ability to work a top water plug, or deep water butterfly jig. To really add action to these lures you need to be standing, my Freedom Hawk has always given me that ability… But some days the fish are still there, but the wind and seas make stand up fishing marginal at best. For those days I want a sturdy kayak, one that fishes well from a seated position. I want it to be dry and stable but with a solid hull design…one efficient when paddling into winds or outgoing seas and one that handles and paddles well in the wind. In designing this boat we borrowed features from the best kayak and skiff fishing designs. Just the right amount of V in the hull, an upswept bow, Carolina flare to shed waves and provide lift and stability…and of course the Freedom Hawk patented outrigger system.

Fish this boat in all water conditions, stand, sit, paddle, pole, motor…You will agree it is the most innovated fishing kayak on the market…guaranteed to catch you more fish this season.

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