Best Time to Buy a Kayak

Kayaking – one of the most enjoyable water activities! Everyone who’s tried it knows it’s more than just sport and technique. It is a rewarding experience, and both inexperienced beginners and long-time experts can fully enjoy it. No matter which category you belong in, you’ll eventually have to buy a kayak if you plan on diving into the world of kayaking. Maybe you haven’t thought of this, but particular periods of the year are better for a purchase than others. As your guides, we here at did a little research and found the best period of the year to buy a quality kayak for a lower price. Keep reading to find out about:

  • Types of kayaks
  • The best time to buy a kayak
  • Additional gear

The best time of the year for purchasing a kayak is the month of May, August, or December – still, this information means nothing if you don’t know the reason why. So stay with us and keep reading.


Kinds of Kayaks

Best Time to Buy a Kayak

A kayak is a narrow water vessel moved by a double-bladed paddle. In modern times, people use kayaks for various reasons. The most widespread uses are recreational kayaking and fishing kayaking. Therefore, we’ll discuss the following:

  • Recreational Kayak. Designed for paddlers interested in recreational kayaking, it’s the image that pops in your head when someone mentions a kayak. Although some are rural and beautifully crafted out of wood, most of these boats are made out of polyethylene plastic. They are heavier than others because of the thick layer of material used to create a safe and durable construction. Anyway, they are usually cheaper than fishing kayaks, and their price range is wide. If you’re looking for your first kayak, you may want to do a little research on used kayaks in good condition to save money. A tip from us: you can find the best deals on used kayaks during spring and fall for a great price.
  • Fishing Kayak. It may seem that it’s similar to a regular kayak, but the fishing kayak is from a combination of way more expensive materials. Compared to the recreational, the design is more complicated since this boat has to fit the fishing needs better. They are usually wider, shorter, with a bigger capacity, and intended to be highly stable on the water. Some of the things you should consider when buying the best fishing kayak are the propulsion, length, width, weight, storage, seat, and type of kayak (sit-on-top or sit-inside). Since they are way more expensive than the recreational, you can do your research online and save your budget by buying a used one.  
  • Inflatable Kayak. Hands down, the cheapest type of kayak you can buy! These kayaks aren’t as long-lasting as the previous ones, but they offer a great kayaking experience. If you are an amateur and not willing to invest a big part of your budget into kayaking, this might be the best choice for you. A tip from us: If you’re buying a used inflatable kayak, yet, still makes the best inflatable kayak, you should make sure to examine the surface for tears – these kayaks are more prone to damage than the others.


When is the Best Time to Buy a Kayak?

Most people begin their kayaking season in spring – when the temperatures start to rise. The season lasts until the weather is pleasant. It usually ends in the autumn. Considering this, one of the best times to buy a kayak is at the end of the prime kayaking season, or late August and early September. In the fall season, you’ll find many great deals on older models of kayaks since the sellers are buying new models and getting ready for the next season.

Another suitable period for purchase: the days around Christmas. The best deals by vendors and retailers come out in December. Note that most people will be shopping in this period (because of the many promotions!), so you should use your time wisely and pick a couple of models you’d like to examine. The last Monday of May, or Memorial day, is also great for shopping. During this time, the stores are fully stocked with best-value gear and offer significant discounts. Anyway, you can always just pick a time that suits you and buy one during the peak season, but be prepared to pay more money.

Finding out the best time to buy a kayak isn’t easy after all. That’s why we recommend you monitor the latest offers carefully.


Additional Gear

Best Time to Buy a Kayak

Let’s say you’ve made a good deal and chosen the best kayak for you. The story does not end here. Besides the kayak, you’ll need some equipment to help you on your kayaking journey.

  • Double-bladed Paddle – the length of the paddle should depend on your height. For more power, choose the river blade paddle; for endurance choose the touring blade paddle.
  • Water-resistant Suit – It is important to stay dry and comfortable during your kayaking adventure!
  • Life Jacket – Water is one of the most unpredictable elements, so just as in kayaking, a life jacket is a must in most water sports.
  • Helmet – You should invest in a good helmet that will protect your head during possible turbulences. Make sure to secure the straps safely before you begin kayaking. (1)
  • Shoes/Footwear – Besides the water-resistant suit, you’ll need water-resistant shoes for the optimal experience. High-quality footwear that ensures comfort is a must!
  • Optional: Waterproof Bag – If you need space for safe storage of your possessions in your kayak, invest in a waterproof bag that will keep your valuable items dry during your kayak excursion. This is a smart investment, plus it doesn’t cost too much money. (2, 3)


A Word Before You Go

Since kayaking season is over in most parts of the world, it is the perfect time to start searching for the kayak you want and get one. Of course, there is no perfect moment to buy a kayak, but we hope that these guidelines will serve you well and help you make a good decision. To sum all up: think of how you’ll use it, search for new and older models, define the price you’re willing to pay (and keep in mind: older kayaks are cheaper, but also less preserved), look for good deals in the periods we’ve mentioned, and after you’ve chosen the best for you, have a great time and endless fun in the new kayaking season.

If you want to check the best kayak guide, you may click here. Enjoy!







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