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Emotion Spitfire 8 Review

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Today we are going to be reviewing the Emotion Spitfire Sit on Top Kayak, 8 Foot Kayak. It is made up of a High volume of Polyethylene. This helps in providing strength and durability to the kayak. It has the front, rear and side carrying handles. These handles help in easy transportation. The kayak has a tank well that is used for easy storage. This tank well has cargo net lacing attached to it. It is designed in such a way that you can sit on top of it since a sit in traditional design would be too limiting with the length. It is a very user friendly kayak with a few notable features. It is generally made for people who want stability, good performance and who can afford shelling out a bit extra for such a small kayak. It has immense speed and is great for tracking purposes without compromising on the stability of the kayak. This kayak has the padded seat and tank well that is mainly found in the costliest kayaks available. The foot wells present here help in providing a secure and comfortable foot placement. To keep the inner area of the kayak dry, there is a special feature of holes which are commonly referred to as scupper plugs in the cockpit and tank well. This kayak is also known for its unique quality of having extra volume and a much higher capacity than the competition. It can be used for children as well as for small adults.

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Why The Emotion Spitfire 8?

The main recommendations and considerations to take in before buying this kayak are the following:

  1. The Emotion Spitfire Sit on Top Kayak, 8 Feet is well built and works well in water. They are available for both adults as well as for children both having the same features and quality in its design. It is also great for tracking even if the weather is windy. It is known to be very maneuverable. These kayaks though they have so many benefits you must handle them carefully when loading and unloading them for use. Since these kayaks are delivered in plastic bags they have a risk of getting damaged during transit. Though some of the merchants are generous enough to replace them immediately still you need to be careful and check the package in front of the company delivery staff to avoid complications. Inspecting the kayaks is a pre-condition before taking the delivery or signing for the delivery. A friend once ordered a kayak and quickly signed after delivery and found a huge cut in the side where obviously a loading truck had stabbed it, he had a hell of a time returning it since they wanted proof it wasn’t caused by him and since he had already signed for it the ownership was on him that the product had arrived safely.
  2. It can fit anywhere with ease. To avoid sliding you can use tarp and rubber mats. While using these kayaks you need not worry about any back problems. People can use these kayaks to enjoy sailing as well if you buy an extra sail attachment or build in your own. The seats are comfortable as well.
  3. It is very convenient and easy to use. You can easily use this even in bad weather conditions.
  4. It is also known to be very light-weight. It offers less friction and much better tracking then some of its more prominent competitors especially for a mini 8 inch kayak.
  5.  To use these, you need to know the correct way to handle them. It is very easy to launch using these kayaks in any of the different types of water conditions you can also easily haul it around because of its light weight. People who are fond of the underbrush can easily turn using these 8 footers and have fun. One can have some high end fun during sailing.
  6. The kayaks tracking has been described as just fine due to its design which helps in keeping the butt centered while sitting on the seat. It is also known to handle like a dream. It is very flexible and can be turned with ease due to its small and light in weight design.
  7. It is a kind of multi-purpose kayak which is easy and secure in its own way.

Negative Reviews:
The Negative reviews were regarding the plugs that went missing in these kayaks. These are necessary as their absence can lead to quick over filling of water in the kayak and make it hard to paddle back due to the effected drainage.


Overall this is a great kayak for the kids and adults of a smaller size and stature. If your looking for an 8 inch kayak this

is definitely one of the best ones out there. It has the perfect amount of tracking and stability for its size and it’s a great device for the kids. If you weight over 130 pounds we suggest you upgrade to a larger sized kayak since this definitely will not be a good experience. A great product and highly recommended by us!


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