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Getting in and out of a Kayak

Probably one of the most difficult task for the kayak novice is actually getting into the kayak itself.

Trying to describe it in words is pretty difficult so we have provided a a video below that shows you how to do it the easy way.

The presenter shows you how to get in and out from a dock and from the beach.

Points to watch out for is to keep a low center of gravity and take it slowly.

She has a helper for the first demonstration on the beach and this makes it much easier if you have an experienced friend to help you.

With the second method make sure that you don’t go and break your paddle, in fact the whole sitting on the paddle thing we’re really not sure about.

Use the third method, launching the kayak from the water if you’ve got an inflatable kayak unless you want to be fixing punctures for the whole trip!

Anyway she shows some simple ways of getting in a kayak for the beginner.

Do we at Kayak reviews use these methods, mmm…. not really I’ll have to get a video made of how we do it or at least take some photos watch this space.

The main thing is being confident once you’ve done it a few times it’s like riding a bike.

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