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Looking for the best fishing kayak? For the money, there aren't too many better than the Jackson Coosa Fishing Kayak.

The Jackson Coosa Fishing Kayak is the invention of pro kayak angler Drew Gregory, who together with Jackson Kayak developed the first kayak designed with one goal in mind -- to meet the needs of the fisherman.

While the Jackson Coosa kayak excels in lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water, it is the first and only kayak that caters specifically to the river angler.

Anglers need three things in a kayak: Stability, durability, and the ability to set the kayak up to their particular fishing needs. The Jackson Coosa Fishing Kayak meets and exceeds demands in almost every way possible.

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One of the most useful features of the Jackson Coosa is its revolutionary wide hull design which makes standing easy for everyone. Whether you like to stand while casting or when reeling in the big catch, the Coosa's 23.5" wide standing platform offers plenty of space to spread your feet out and form a stable base. This is an enormous advantage of the Coosa Fishing Kayak and will allow you to do things never thought possible in a kayak.

When you're not standing, the next feature that sets the Coosa apart from other fishing kayaks is the Elite Hi/Lo seat which raises you above the water allowing for greater visibility while fishing, not to mention greater comfort. The seat can also be placed in the low position which offers superior stability when paddling through rough waters, rapids, or surf. To top it off, the seat is completely removable and can double as camp or lawn chair.

The Jackson Coosa Fishing Kayak gives Anglers a variety of deck arrangement options. There are numerous built-in areas to hold your paddle, rods, paddle stagers, rod holders and other essential fishing equipment.  For example, the built-in paddle stager is perfect for when standing and fishing. For a more permanent placement, an integrated paddle holder on the side of the kayak ensures that the paddle is safe and secure at all times. Rod stagers are built into the front hatch and into the sides of the kayak allowing for quick access to your rods and access to the tightest of fishing holes while at all times keeping your lines untangled and the rods secure. There are also two built-in flush mount rod holders located directly behind the seat that allow for easy access to rods.

So Why The Jackson Coosa Kayak?

Day Hatch - For safe and dry storage of items, the Coosa includes a convenient day hatch located towards the front of the standing platform.

Adjustable Foot Pegs - Not all fisherman are the same size. The Coosa's adjustable footpegs guarantee a perfect fit for all anglers.

Drag Chain - An advanced feature of the Jackson Coosa Fishing Kayak is its recessed chain drag system. Simply deploy the drag chain which will make contact with the bottom of the river or lake to act as an anchor or slow you down so you can fish the exact area you want for as short or long as you want. Simply retract the drag chain to return the kayak to full speed.

Bow and Stern Hatches - Storage area is never going to be a problem in the Coosa with two large, lockable hatches located both at the bow and stern of the boat. Easily fit all your rods, camping gear, and more.

Tackle Box Storage - Another wonderful feature of the Coosa fishing kayak is the tackle box storage area located directly under the hi/lo seat. Built-in to the Coosa under the seat are two storage areas that fit typical plastic tackle boxes like a glove. Access to the tackle boxes is immediate. Simply reach under the seat on either side and pull the tackle box out. It makes switching fishing tactics faster and easier than ever. (no more reaching around the seat to access a rear tackle box).

Large Tank Well - Located directly behind the seat on the Coosa is a large tankwell with bungee cord perfect for strapping in a milkcrate.

Removable Skid Plate - Perhaps one of the most innovative features of the Coosa Fishing Kayak is it's removable skid plate. Rivers are tough on kayaks and even the best kayaks tend to wear out over time as they're dragged on the keel.  Once the keel is worn out, it's usually time for a new kayak. Not with the Coosa and its removable skid plate. Once the plate starts to wear down, simply replace it and your Jackson Coosa will be as good as new.

Made for Rivers - The Jackson Coosa's hull design, stability, and whitewater capable rocker make it the best performing river kayak for anglers allowing for access to the spots where fish like to hide like narrow flats, whitewater, and other hard to reach areas.


The gum walls have a nice yak attack gear trick which is nice and embedded which makes it really cool and a lot more comfortable on the boat. At the front we have the extra water bottle holders when you pull off the hatch. There is an area to put your spools and some area where you can feed yourself some string whenever you need through a small hole. It’s not used too much in bass water fisher but a bit in salt water fisher you definitely want to use liters for that.

Also in the Coosa like the big rig are the pole holders or the rod tip protectors on the side of the kayak your rod slides easily into them that way if you’re going underneath some trees and such you’re not pulling out your rods.

A huge plus for the Jackson Coosa Kayak is the top straps that hold your paddle this allows you to put your paddle right there in your boat without fear of it floating away. The Cuda have this feature and the big rig and big tuna have this but some of the other Jackson Coosa Kayaks do not because the hatch is a little concave and it is harder to do this.

Bottom of your boat you have go pro hooks and the new style bungees for Jackson this year are fairly nice they all have some nice attachment points and let you just latch on your paddle fairly easily.

The back has another track that lets you do some modifications to your jcrate or any type of crate you want to put there you can put a ball or any time of track on the holder with attachment points which can be attached to your crate and it will give you a nice solid anchor for your boat if you flip over you boat or anything you won’t be losing your gear.

At the back there are some bungees they are all removable and can be taken away. You can put coolers or crates in the back and move your bungees up front so you could still use your bungees with a crate. The regular system only allows you to have one option bungees or no bungees.

The back hatch also has a flip out space just like the front one. It flips in reverse and has a nice locking point as well as a nice drag chain with a real nice chute just like the other Coosa. It has power pole mounts in the back.

The seat has a fabric which is actually used in Toyotas which gives you a real nice luxury feel with a great fabric. Its black and it’s a little harder but the cushion and the feel of it is just a whole lot nicer for really sitting there all day. You can sit in the other seats all day no problem but this is really nice.

There is a back rest with a nice upgrade from the past years models. Last year’s models were good but this years is made by Thermarest a great company for seats.

You can adjust the seating near the bottom by loosening up the straps you can put it in a back high position or a back low position. It drops down and is very stable. You can also adjust it to go up a bit higher there are 4 positions. The greatest thing about this is if you have a really heavy backpack or crate at the back and no gear at front you can adjust to do what you need to do. If you want to track low better you can push your seat forward and push your front end down and allow you to steer allow better in the water.

If you have full gear in the front like sleeping bags more poles, overnight gear etc. The front hatch is larger so you can take your seat back and put yourself farther back in the boat to counteract all of the camping gear you may have.

Jackson Coosa Review of Features and specifications

Full Specifications

  • Length: 11 feet, 3 inches
  • Width: 31.5 inches with a 23 inch interior standing platform
  • Weight: 63 pounds without seat, 67 pounds with seat
  • Weight Capacity: 375 pounds
  • Removable Hi/Lo Seat
  • Lockable bow and stern hatches that will stow rods up to 11 feet
  • Quick Access day hatch
  • Adaptable foot pegs
  • Drag chain and anchor
  • Rod stagers
  • Flush mount rod holders
  • Paddle Stager
  • Paddle holder
  • Cup holder
  • Under seat tackle storage
  • Changeable keel skid plate
  • Large rear tankwell with bungee
  • 3 year warranty (no charge hull replacement for 2 years)
  • Superlinear polyethylene hull

Our Conclusion

That’s the gist of the Jackson Coosa Kayak, this is a great cool boat that has a nice amount of padding in the bottom a great new seat. It’s really an all-around good boat that’s a little more stable than the original Coosa but not near as stable as the big rig. They designed that boat for everyone to be standing up. This one does not come with the standup assist bar, you can stand up but it’s not like the big rig if your 300 pounds you’re not going to be able to stand up.

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