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Malibu Kayaks Sierra 10 Kayak Review

a sand Malibu Kayaks Sierra 10 KayakSome kayaks are made to be large and have room for a lot of cargo, some others are small but you can barely fit yourself inside, let alone your kit. If you’re after a water adventure partner that will combine the best of both worlds, you need to look no further than the Malibu Kayaks Sierra 10 Pro Series Fish and Dive Package Sit Inside kayak. It is made to give you enough room for storing a kit for a number of activities, regardless if its fishing or diving or something completely else, and at the same time it’s not oversized. This is the ideal tool for people who come to realize that the kayaks they currently have are not really fit to store everything they need anymore. A product that offers convenience to anybody, this kayak comes with a larger storage capacity than most of the sit-inside kayaks that you can currently find on the market. Read on for the full Malibu Kayaks Sierra 10 Pro Series Fish and Dive Package Sit Inside kayak review to see if you would benefit from this kayak.

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Description and Features

This kayak comes with a large cockpit area, as well as a spacious storage space, along with a number of holders that will allow you to take whatever you think you need, any time you want to spend some time in the sea. The kayak comes with the standard equipment you would expect from a regular kayak, such as two rod holders, along with extra mounting areas for fish finders, GPS systems, more rod holders etc., and it also includes a package for fishing and diving that fits inside the storage space, including a rear and front bungee, arm and leg rests, two rear flush rod holders and standard fastening components. The rear storage area can tow the bait bucket and pump kit, as well as tools and a crate, or a large cooler. The cockpit offers a massive front storage area inside, which can carry the rest of your gear. Also in the cockpit, you will find adjustable foot pegs, a cup holder, a comfortable Apex seat, as well as both arm and leg rests.

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The kayak offers both performance and capacity for fishing as well as touring, and comes with a 325 pound weight limit. It is a reliable and very functional kayak, made to get you wherever you need to be, and back. You will find that it tracks very good as well. It’s good to notice that it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. You will have no problems with tipping or handling, and the kayak works very well with the wind and tides, no matter if its anchored or not. You will find that the kayak is very stable, and reaching for the stuff in the rear storage area is no problem at all. Another very important thing to mention, this kayak is comfortable and allows you to fish in it for hours at a time.

There are however, a couple of downsides. If you’re planning on bringing a lot of gear, you will have to make sure that you position everything properly, and adjust it so you don’t let any dry items get wet. And, for those who are new to the activity, you should note that the Malibu Kayaks Sierra 10 Pro Series Fish and Dive Package Sit Inside kayak doesn’t come with its own paddle. If you’ve owned a kayak before, you can use your paddle, but for those who haven’t, you’ll have to go shopping.


At the end of the day, if you’re a person who wants to go fishing or diving for a few hours at a time, and has plenty of equipment to bring, you pretty much can’t go wrong. The Sierra 10 Pro has more storage than almost anything else on the market, and that should go a long way in convincing you. It’s also a pleasure to handle, and comes with plenty of things to make your trip a pleasure.

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