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Testing Out a Few Ocean Kayaks

We recently received a big shipment of the Ocean Kayak brand of fishing kayaks, and have gotten lucky enough to keep them around the shop long enough to test a few of them out. The kayaks we are going to be testing for this article are the Drifter, Prowler, Yak Board, Frenzy and the Scrambler. These are generally priced within reach of most kayak fishing anglers, so you won’t break the bank trying to rig one of these up. Which one you choose really just depends on your needs.

We tested the Ocean Kayak Drifter kayak, in the Angler version. This version includes a couple of flush mount rod holders, and a nice tankwell with bungees. At 13 feet long, and almost 33 inches wide, you are going to be hard pressed to flip this boat. You could almost stand up on this boat and sling a fly. It would take a bit of practice, I am sure, but if you are looking for an incredibly wide, stable, fast kayak, the Drifter Angler at 13 feet is an excellent addition to your stable!

The Frenzy is a great little boat, and at 9 feet long, you can quickly grab this boat and go. If you have any farm ponds, or creeks off in the cut around you, this is going to end up being your go to kayak. At 33 inches wide, you can’t flip this boat. It will fill with water before you get it flipped over. I haven’t tried standing on it, but I could easily see how you could get away with slinging flies on this kayak.

The Prowler 13 is one of Ocean Kayaks better selling models, and the new version is not going to be any different. They rebuilt the keel line on this boat, to allow it to cut through the water a lot better. It did a great job before, but now, it is untouchable. It has a nice hatch on the front, and looks like it is going to be decently waterproof. I would still be careful with storing electronics and such in it.

ocean kayak seatNext on the list is the Scrambler. This is a great all around boat, for any time of fishing you will encounter. Small enough to throw into the car or truck and take to your favorite pond or creek, but still long and wide enough to handle rougher surf, or a faster moving current. The way that Ocean designed this boat, it isn’t really made fo bigger paddlers. You could easily get your girlfriend or wife into this boat, and they would be comfortable enough that you wouldn’t hear any complaining!

Last, but not least, is the Yak Board. The step child in Ocean’s lineup, but quickly becoming one of my favorites. Yes, it is only 8 feet long, and is extremely wide, so it isn’t going to paddle very well. However, as long as the wind is dead, and there is no current, you could easily stay in one spot fishing on this little kayak all day. Ocean Kayak did a good thing when they reintroduced this boat to the lineup, and I am sure there are going to be a lot more fans of it.

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