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For our review series, we decided to review a top seller which is the Pungo 120 Angler Kayak, when observing this kayak you’ll find out that this is a 12-foot kayak with a width of 29 inches. Prices start at $875 and customers have said that this is the best recreational kayak ever made (we wanted to know the truth, so we created our own neutral review). The following is a compilation of our opinions and others on the Pungo 120 Angler Kayak.

The Pros

The kayak is very stable, and it tracks very well. It comes with nice features, including a dashboard and rear hatch. Some people get interested in this kayak because of their friends, and after borrowing the kayak several times, they bought their own. Others start kayak rental and excursion businesses, and the Pungo 120 Angler kayak is their first purchase.

– Good size

The Pungo 120 Angler kayak is a good purchase because it is comfortable. In fact, a common occurrence is after people have rented the kayak for a longer duration, they are so impressed with it that they go out and buy one for themselves. If someone wants to upgrade, the Pungo 120 Angler Kayak is definitely a go to, or bridge to a better kayak. What makes the kayak most popular is that it is the perfect size for paddling in lakes or slow rivers.

– Roomy

If you are a larger person, you will find more than enough room in this kayak. Getting in and out of the kayak will not be a problem, and you will find enough room to maneuver. For a larger person, the boat will ride well and the manufacturer says that it can hold a maximum of 325 pounds. There is plenty of storage room for your day out. You can fit a bag in its bow, and if you’re a minimalist, the kayak can still handle the gear for your overnight trip.

– Comfortable seat

Another good thing about this kayak is that it has a very comfortable seat, which will support your lower back. The seat has ventilated padding, which makes your outing a pleasurable one no matter the length of the trip. The seat can be adjusted in several ways, and you can get the perfect comfort level. You can do the adjustments while you’re on the water, and the handles and straps are within reach. The foot braces will adjust easily, and there is enough leg room. Comfortable thigh padding also provides relief.

– Glides well

The Pungo 120 Angler Kayak also tracks very well on water. If you are a beginner, you will find it easier to improve your paddling skills with this kayak. Apart from being user friendly, the boat is stable and it will easily glide through the water. It will perform well on rivers and open waters, and its initial and secondary stability is great.

– Extremely stable

The width of the kayak makes it extremely stable when entering and exiting it. If you like to fish, you can twist and make your cast without feeling like the boat is about to tip. You will also find it easy to take photographs while you’re in the kayak. To rotate the boat, the best way is to practice and use a sweep stroke.

– Keeps you dry

Your first experience with the Pungo 120 Angler Kayak will surprise you because of its stability. After you have used it on small lakes and rivers, you will get a confidence boost after a successful day on the water. After you gain some experience with the kayak, you can now go to bigger lakes and rivers that have boat traffic without fearing large waves. The kayak will also keep you dryer and it has a net bag that you can use as a sun screen.

– Lightweight

The Pungo 120 Angler Kayak weighs around fifty pounds and you will find it easy to handle. If the boat should flip over, re-entry will not be a problem. You will also find its easy to drain the water from the cockpit. The removable dashboard comes in very handy if you want to have another person tandem with you when you go kayaking. Even though the kayak doesn’t have a rudder, paddling it on a large river or lake will not be a problem.

The Cons

Some people have some small issues with the kayak, and one issue is that the dry storage area is never completely dry. The console offers a good storage area and protection from the sun but it has some sharp edges that can cause some annoying thigh scrapes. But you can trim the edges if you want to avoid any more scrapes. Even though the boat can carry 325 pounds, getting past 275 pounds may be pushing it beyond its limit, and the boat will ride low, and become more difficult to control.

– Small hull

The front of this kayak has no flotation and if it capsizes, ten feet can be vertically underwater while two feet will stick straight up. When the kayak sinks, you can’t drag it by yourself, and you’ll need an airbag if you want to make your kayak safe. Some people are not happy with spending $875 to buy the kayak, and then spending another $50 on the airbag. The hull is a bit small and people with big feet may not fit in comfortably.

– No drain plug

Another major issue is the lack of a drain plug, which is quite disappointing considering the other good features on the boat. The shiny plastic on the kayak scratches easily, but you expect that from plastic. The kayak is not ideal for paddling through very fast rapids because the water is going to dump into your cockpit. Even though paddling is easy when the conditions are smooth, you might find it a bit tough in windy conditions. The kayak’s bow profile gives it a lift, but the top has a low profile and so it will torpedo as opposed to riding and sliding down a high wave.

Final Recommendations

The Pungo 120 Angler Kayak is good for a beginner, and you can improve your paddling because of its stability, maneuverability and tracking . If you remove the console, it can provide you with some room to take another person or a small dog with you. On flat water, the kayak rides well, and even though it takes longer to turn, the boat isn’t too bad. We would definitely recommend this kayak for an upgrade of an older version or a present to yourself.



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