The Benefits of Kayak Sailing

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In the world of kayaking, there is a constant push of new innovations that continue to make things easier and more fun. One of those things is kayaking with a sail, or kayak sailing. If you add a sail to your kayak, you could enjoy kayaking in a whole new way. And yes, there are numerous advantages with only a thing or two going against them.

At one point, there were only a few models that you could choose from. If you happened to have an inflatable kayak, there were even less options. This made things a bit difficult. However, nowadays, there’s a plethora of options on the market. They come in multiple shapes and sizes, and there’s definitely something for everyone’s needs.

But, should you even be looking at them? Why would you want to add a sail to your kayak? Let’s take a look at a few of the advantages and benefits of kayak sailing, and see whether you should be investing in such a thing.

The benefits of kayak sailing

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To begin with, the first and most obvious benefit is rest. If you’ve ever paddled a kayak for an extended period of time, you’ll notice that they aren’t exactly easy. Your arms and shoulders get tired easily. Well, that depends on what shape you’re in, but still. If there is something that can be done for you to rest, you should, by all means, do it.

A kayak sail lets you do that. Yes, you do need wind for it, but if you have it, you can do two things. First, you can go further and stay out in the water longer. Or, if that’s not your goal, you could go your usual route, but be much less tired. If you have headwind, you could lower the sail and paddle against the wind. Then, just lift your sail, turn around and let the wind carry you back.

If you’re fishing with your kayak (and there’s no reason not to), a sail lets you move, yet have your hands free for your fishing equipment. You can adjust your direction, and then leave things to the wind – you’ll be free to do anything, especially trolling. Most of the kayak sails on the market are very maneuverable, so adjusting them depending on your needs can be done very easily.

Next, we have the “kayak sailing as a stepping stone”. If you want to eventually get to a larger sail boat, a kayak sail can be an excellent place to start. You’ll get the hang of how wind works, maneuvering while sailing, and a few other things. Once you get a bigger vessel to sail, it will feel much more familiar.

Then there’s the convenience. Convenience is a major factor here. For starters, many people ask “what am I going to do when I don’t need it?”. With a good kayak sail, you can break it down quite small. It is then simple to stow away in the bow or the stern, or in the closet when you aren’t using them. They’re also very easy to set up. Depending on the model you have, as well as the kayak, setting them up usually takes between one and ten minutes, which is nothing. Portability is a non-issue, and you can bring them just about anywhere.

And last but not least, some kayak sails will actually give you a bit of protection from the sun, or the rain. The good ones are often made of a good, waterproof material, and it also tends to absorb UV rays. You might not think it matters, but it will make quite a difference.

The biggest benefit of them all

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Even though we spoke about some of the benefits, there’s one that is much more important than any of them all, and that is the fun factor. Kayaking is often done for fun, whether you’re just paddling, or fishing, or touring.

By adding a kayak sail to your kayak, you’ll be increasing the fun factor and making things much more amusing. You can glide through the water with little to no effort when there’s wind, and taking on waves is more fun than you’ve ever thought.

To wrap things up, there are numerous benefits to having a kayak sail and using it regularly. The only potential downside might be the price, but if you can afford one, investing in it and using it whenever you’re out is a great thing.

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