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the sail design and configuration is awesome

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When it comes to kayak sails, you’ll probably come across a variety of models and options on the market. And while this might be a great thing, because you have plenty of choices, it also means that you’ll actually have a hard time choosing the best kayak sail

To add to this, there is one major thing that many kayak sails lack, and that’s any kind of customizability. Yes, you have a few colors to choose from, maybe, but that’s where things end. Getting a custom-designed sail, for example, or shape and size that fit your kayak and kayaking style is near impossible. 

Well, Falcon Kayak Sails have something to say about that. They’ve got some of the best (and most customizable) kayak sails that come as kits, and you can set them up just how you want them. This makes them one of the best options out there when it comes to kayak sails, so join us as we take a better look at what they’re offering. 

What Do You Get?

The first thing we believe is worth mentioning is the things you get with their standard kit. To begin with, the kit itself comes with a mounting design that lets you rig it all together onshore in less than 30 seconds. You can also keep it out of the way, right on your kayak, so it doesn’t get in the way of your paddling if you’d rather use your arms. 

To begin with, the kit comes with a single mast rig. Some might say this isn’t too stiff and doesn’t perform, but that’s not the case with Falcon. The mast itself is made of carbon fiber, a material that’s extremely stiff and extremely lightweight, basically perfect for this kind of application. And that’s not all – the mast can actually be broken down in a couple of pieces. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking – doesn’t this compromise stiffness? Well, no, not at all. At least not in the case of Falcon Sails’ kit. The longest piece is 28 inches, so that’s basically how much room it takes up, lengthwise. 

The main benefit of the carbon fiber mast, aside from it being extremely high quality, is the weight. Competitors’ products are oftentimes heavy, making them unwieldy and difficult to handle. But the Falcon Sails kit, the entire kit, comes in at less than 4lbs. That’s actually amazing. 

Now, fortunately, you don’t just get the mast. You also get a 3.8oz Dacron Sail Cloth. This is a durable material that’s also lightweight, which makes it perfect for such applications. Now, yes, the quality of the material itself might not be as good as some heavier alternatives, but the point here is to achieve a balance between weight and quality. Therefore, we do believe the manufacturer made a good choice. 

Whatever type of sailcloth you get, there’s also a transparent window placed according to the size and specifications of the sail itself, so you can see what’s going on in front of you even when you’re using the sail itself. 

Last but not least, aside from the mast and the sail, they also made sure to include a nice sail bag that makes setting everything up a piece of cake. It’s really one of the simplest sailing rigs you can set up on your kayak. 

Where Do They Excel?

Up to this point, you might be thinking that Falcon Sails are just a sail manufacturer that uses high-quality materials, and has come up with a creative way of making a great kayak sail. And to some extent, you’re right. But on the other hand, you’re missing the best thing about Falcon Sails – customizability. 

If you go to their store page, you’ll see what we’re talking about. You get to choose just about anything regarding your sail, and they have a nice little picture that shows you the choices you’re making, in real-time. That’s right, you can see how your sail would look like on a kayak while you’re designing it. 

The first thing you get to choose is the size of the sail. Falcon offers both 1 square meter and 1.4 square meters in terms of sizing, so you can get the one that’s more appropriate for you. Don’t worry, you can design both of them equally well. 

Next, you choose the sail colors. The way the sail is designed, it’s basically split into four panels, and you can choose the color for each of those panels. There’s actually a total of 18 colors for you to choose from, which is not something any other manufacturer will offer you with their sails. 

Once you’ve designed your sailcloth, you can choose the trim. Unfortunately, you don’t have all color options for the trim, but instead, you only get about 9. This is still quite a bit, so we aren’t complaining. 

And last but not least, you can choose which color you want the insignia in the top panel to come in. 

Once you’ve chosen all of this, you get the option to buy the entire kit, with everything else we mentioned earlier, or you can just get the sail and no rigging hardware, which we wouldn’t recommend. Get the whole kit, it’s absolutely worth it. 

There is also an ‘Extra Parts’ section here, which has things like small spares that you might need, like a rivet kit, or a nylon fairlead kit. You won’t really need any of them if you get the whole kit, because Falcon Sails do include everything you need to get started in their kit. 

Wrapping Things Up

At the end of the day, not only are the Falcon Sails some of the best kayak sails out there, but they’re also pretty much the only ones that offer this level of customization. You can pick and choose as much as you want, and you’ll end up with a simple, easy to use and high-quality kayak sail kit that’s perfectly suited to your needs! 

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