Aquaglide Multisport Review

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Multisport 270 is produced by Aquaglide, a worldwide brand that has over 100 innovative products under its name. As a reputable company, Aquaglide has managed to acquire loyal customers because of the quality products that it has consistently produced. With over 30 years of experience, you are guaranteed of a high-quality product. Aquaglide didn't disappoint in this too. Let's explore this product in detail.

If you have experienced what sailing feels like, I'm sure you are just a step away from enjoying an aquaglide. The Aquaglide Multisport 270 is a piece of equipment you can count on. Having amazing stability and durability, this is the best product of its kind. 

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This Aquaglide Offers The Following

Aquaglide Multisport Review

1. Versatile

As its name suggests, the sailboat can be converted within minutes to windsurfer, a kayak, and a stand-up paddleboard.

(a) Inflatable Sailboat:  It functions as an inflatable sailboat, or kayak and its easy to assemble, you just need 10- 15 minutes. This inflatable sailboat is quite easy to drive especially for the learners and can hold 1-2 people but be cautious of high winds and high waves.

Aquaglide is coming up with this great innovative idea comprising of the feature to covert from sailboat to windsurfing, kayak, or towable. This inflatable boat is good for learning basic riding.

(b) Kayak/Towable:  If you are looking for a great fishing experience, then it must be a kayak. Aquaglide in these aspects features all the required and varieties of impressive options to the riders. In kayak kit (the paddle and the seats are being sold separately). This inflatable boat offers a safe and stable kayak ride experience. 

Makes great for a towable option for 1-2 riders, in which you can go either for sitting or by standing. Undoubtedly a great craft, with two unique control straps.

(c) Stand Up Paddleboard:  To use it, you just need to unfold, inflate, and get into the water. It is the quickest and fastest water boat. As a buyer, I would prefer buying this because of its outstanding features of being extremely lightweight, durability, having a nice grip and balance which makes it ideal for paddling and surfing. 
Aquaglide Multisport Review

2. Build Structure

Their products look very impressive with a sturdy body and high durability.

The Hull is made up of heavy-duty 26  gauge PVC bladder covered in polyester for strength, durability, and great performance. Fins and rudder thermo are made up of ABS plastics, 3 piece aluminium mast, and clamp-on boom with pin adjustment tailpiece. Includes foot pump, storage bag, and essential components for sailing. (1)

In the kayak kit, there is a padded folding seat attaching the hull along with side paddles that are placed at either end of the multisport mast. 

The components used are top-notch and gives a premium feel, the straps are good quality. Overall we can say that the materials used in making these products are reliable and strong.
Aquaglide Multisport Review

3. Compact and Impactful

Another unique thing about the great quality of Aquaglide windsurfer is its neatly packed products, which is convenient enough to carry anywhere you go. It has enough space, everything just fits including the storage bag. 

Its products are well made; yes! It does look extremely stylish. It gives the rider the best of experience of sailing in different conditions like the LED light for night sailing indeed is a great option for smooth sailing. (2)

Every item of the Aquaglide Multisport windsurfer is made with keeping in mind the needs of different riders irrespective of their experience in riding. 

4. Effortless to Use

Aquaglide items are specifically made to cater to the needs of different kinds of rider's by keeping in mind riders accessibility and ease of riding. It can be called as 'riders friendly' sailing experience. For using these products you don't have to possess any particular skills or ability.   

The sailboat is a product that every family member can use. The kids, youngsters surfing, kayaking, and parents can use the sailboat. Further, it's easy to mount and takes no time. As long as there is water above 30cm from the ground, you are good to sail.

The products are designed to give ultra comfort to the riders and at the same time making the sailing process less cumbersome and less time consuming and overall making it a fun sport experience.  

Having a stable hull design, simple and comfortable ultra ring, the multisport sailboat is the easiest and the quickest way to learn how to sail or windsurfing without any effort.

One of its highlighted features is that its storage bag comes with wheels making it super easy to carry with you. 

5. Is It Worth Buying?

Aquaglide Multisport is relatively inexpensive and convenient. What makes a buyer buy these boats is its ease of storage and carrying option. The multisport 270 sailboat can be used as a stable kayak to sail. It is comfortable in use and can hold up to 2 people which weighs up to 27kg with convenient roller storage.


Aquaglide Multisport Review
The versatile multisport is the right product to go for. In this review, we did not find anything wrong with the performance of the multisport 270. It does not matter what level of experience you have. A newbie can comfortably use the product. You will also like it for the fact that it can fit in the bag. You can carry Aquaglide Multisport anywhere you want. If you are traveling, you can take it around. The water depth does not also interfere with the fun. As long as there is some water, you are good to sail.

Perhaps the only downfall of this product is the number of people it can carry. Only two. It would be best if you were cautious that you do not exceed this. Aquaglide Multisport 270 price cannot discourage anyone from buying it. Go for it and enjoy sailing.

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(1) PVC -
(2) LED light -

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