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Klickitat Two HB Inflatable Kayak Review

Aquaglide Klickitat Kayak Hb Two


high performance great features

  • Price = 5/5
  • Design = 4.5/5
  • Stability = 5/5
  • Features = 4/5
  • Quality = 5/5
I used to love canoeing, but I was never much of a sports person. Then a local home center store had kayaks on sale. I thought, for the price, might as well try it. I was hooked, just like that. Now that we have been kayaking quite a lot the last few years, we have decided to upgrade our cheap kayaks.  When I heard about the Klickitat, I was excited. But an inflatable kayak? I wondered just how sturdy they could really be. Then I thought about inflatable rafts. They are pretty tough. These kayaks are too.

Kayaking is so much fun and so relaxing too. It’s a virtually silent ride as it slices through calm or wavy water. One of my fondest memories is canoeing a chain of five lakes when I was at summer camp and we plan to try it next year with our kayaks. A kayak is very maneuverable to help you avoid oncoming boats or water hazards, and so it is a safe sport you can enjoy alone, with a friend, or in groups. You will enjoy this method of building upper body strength through the repetitive motion of paddling.

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Here Are Some Key Features

Inflatable kayaks aren’t for everybody. However, if having a kayak that you can pack and put in your trunk or shed, with it taking up minimal amount of storage, they’re ideal for that. High-quality inflatable kayaks offer performance that is very close to that of a hard shell kayak, without the bulk and weight of transporting it. However, you will need to inflate and deflate the kayak, which might be a problem for some. Some people tend to think that inflatable kayaks are easier to damage and puncture, but if you’re going to get a higher-quality one, that won’t be an issue you’ll have to deal with, as they’re usually made of materials that have decent resistance against the elements. One of the better options if you’re after one is Aquaglide’s Klickitat Two HB inflatable kayak. It’s made of materials that last, it comes with plenty of things and you can pack it and throw it in the trunk at the end of the day. The kayak is made for two people, however you can also paddle it solo if that’s what you prefer, and that, along with the seats and construction make it an excellent all-round choice.

The Klickitat kayak comes with a backpack style carrying bag, repair kit, paddles, seats, instructions and more. It’s made of tough polyester. Really a complete setup for the beginning kayaker, but it’s stated you can use it in white water as well,

The seats include storage and fishing pole mounts. Brilliant!


You will need a pump and a military style valve adapter to pump this up. But no worries, it’s very quick to inflate. It’s recommended to use a pump with a pressure gauge to check your inflation level. Be sure to read the included instructions for best results.


  • 5 feet long and 36” wide
  • Holds 600 pounds total of passengers and cargo
  • Weighs 42 pounds

This is plenty of room for two adults and a small cooler for lunch or a dry bag for extra clothes, keys, cell phones etc. And don’t forget the first aid kit.

When we tried Klickitat, we were amazed. It’s much more stable than I expected from an inflatable and has so many great features. People often think when kayaking they could flip over and be “stuck” underwater, but that is actually impossible with this type of seat that does not close around you.

Even though it’s an inflatable kayak, the Klickitat Two HB doesn’t sacrifice any speed or stability. The material used is 600D polyester, and the hull is reinforced with Duratex heavy duty polyester as well, for better resistance. The first thing that you’ll notice when you inflate it is that the front is fairly wide and offers plenty of room for your things. And if you think that it holds lots of stuff, you’re absolutely right. The instructions that come with the kayak are pretty clear and you’ll be able to set things up in a fairly simple way. There are three chambers, all of which have military valves made for high pressure. The high-pressure floor is the key element to this kayak, and provides high rigidity and stability. The paddling is enhanced by integrating the floor and the side walls.

Speaking of the construction, you will get sturdy, molded handles that allow you to carry the kayak around with ease, as well as spray decks which help prevent water from going in by extending into the seating area. There are also fourteen cockpit drains, which allow the paddler(s) to open or close the plugs depending on the type of water. There is also a removable fin, which greatly helps tracking and will allow you to maintain your direction even if you’re not paddling, when in flatwater. The Klickitat Two HB inflatable kayak is actually made to work in a variety of environments, which is a big plus for anyone looking for a universal tool for the job. The traditional whitewater outline will make sure that you get incredible stability, as well as maneuverability and control when you’re in tough water.

Seating comfort is taken care of by the two adjustable WhiteWater seats which come with integrated storage, along with tall, ergonomically shaped backrests, and closed-cell cushions made of foam. The seats come with fishing rod holders, as well as seat straps and an adjustment system that allows you to fine-tune the cockpit to your liking. To pack everything up, you get a premium, tailored carrying bag, which fits most closets, making this an excellent option if you need to store it somewhere while you’re away.


  • Fourteen drain plugs
  • Adjustable foot rests that attach with velcro
  • Three inflation valves
  • Movable, positionable seats: This kayak fits two adults comfortably, but for those solo rides, just move one seat to where you like it. The seats even have built in fishing rod holders and a mesh storage pouch.
  • Hard and stable bottom: It is actually possible, though not recommended, to stand up in the Klickitat.
  • It weighs 42 pounds empty. Slightly more when inflated, but one problem I had with our old kayaks was the weight-I could not carry one from the truck by myself and therefore could not take solo rides.


  • It is possible to inflate this unevenly, causing it to be non-symmetrical. Read the instructions and check alignment when it is partially inflated.
  • Make sure to look at how the kayak is folded because you will need to refold it later! Could be difficult if you don’t pay attention.
  • The 42 pound weight could be a “con” for some users who would not be able to carry it to water. Perhaps a wheeled cart would be helpful.

Final Thoughts

Even though this kind of kayak definitely isn’t for everyone, you will find that Aquaglide’s Klicktat Two HB inflatable kayak is actually a very good tool for someone who requires a kayak that he can use in a variety of conditions, and throw away in the trunk when done with it. It’s ideal for two people and their gear, and you will find that it tracks amazingly well, no matter the conditions. At the end of the day, getting a high-quality inflatable kayak such as the Klickitat Two HB is an excellent alternative when you need performance close to that of a hard shell, and yet have no place to store a thing that big.

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