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Old Town Predator MX Kayak Review

Old Town Predator MX Angler Fishing Kayak (Black Cherry, 12 Feet)


high performance great features

  • Price = 5/5
  • Design = 5/5
  • Stability = 5/5
  • Features = 5/5
  • Quality = 5/5

Today were going to do a product review of the predator fishing kayak. I’m going to give my opinion on this kayak based on many years of kayaking and years of kayak fishing experience.

This is probably the fifth or sixth OldTown kayak that I have personally owned including a few canoes so you can tell I’m a big fan of the brand, it could also be that all my accessories fit in the different models so I’m committed.

There are so many features on this kayak that it’s hard to do a short review so well get started. 

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Should I Buy The Old Town Predator MX Kayak?

First of all, jumping straight to the seat it is hands down one of the most comfortable seats I have ever used within a kayak. It has the functionality to pop right down and disappear for storage, you can sit in it straight up if you kayaking and for fishing, it pops right up and snaps down. Absolutely the best seat I have ever used in a kayak.

The kayak is about 12 feet long it is the predator 12 MX, there is the predator 13, the predator mx, and the predator Codo which incorporates an electric saltwater motor. This is the smaller of the three.

At the back, we have a nice very comfortable handle for pushing or pulling the kayak or if you want to use it for salt water fishing. There are all sorts of storage spaces in the back including plenty of room for a cooler and a tackle box within the back.

Looking at the middle of the kayak first of all it has an incredible amount of space inside the kayak including a lot of standing up legroom within the middle. There is a large storage space in the middle that you can unhook for an extra compartment. It is pre-rigged for different accessories including a fish finder and it comes with a nice strap that can go from a sitting position to a standing position you can pull yourself up which is very handy. I personally keep it down for transportation.
It comes pre-rigged for a transducer which works great.

Also it comes with scupper plugs since the sit-on-top kayaks obviously have the ability to drain. The unique point of the Oldtown’s scupper holes is that the water will drain down through but it will not come up which is a pretty nice feature when you’re on the go.

Moving on there is some nice dry storage within the top area of the kayak which also incorporates a battery pack and you can run your wires over to your transducer and your lighting system whatever you need to run off a 12-volt battery which is pretty slick.

It comes with rod holders and rod protectors so you can lay your rod down and it holds the tip so your rods don’t get all tangled up with other kayaks or brushes.

Moving down to the front I personally incorporated my trolley anchor on the side, essentially what it does is you can move your anchor from front to back – back to front or wherever you want by moving the trolley.

There are replaceable plastic deck rails where you can mount your equipment and tooling, they are easily replaceable and the idea is that you never have to drill a hole in your kayak.

It also comes with a troth If you want to use wheels for moving the kayak back and forth you can strap your kayak in and hold your wheels tight so they don’t slide back and forth.

There is a paddle holder which is available on both sides of the kayak. Moving to the back side we have some more drain holes to drain any water that may get stuck within the back cavity of the kayak.

Near the right side of the kayak on the inside there is a nifty pocket where you can put your rubber baits or worms within the pocket to keep them safe and dry. The way I have mine rigged up is I have a beverage holder in the back, a rod holder in the front that turns so I can move the holder anywhere I want.


If you want to troll or use a GoPro the kayak is GoPro ready and does have areas for putting it. There are a million different accessories you can get for the kayak its almost ridiculous, they mount into all individual accessory holders.

The shock cord is very high-end and can hold anything, you can get a 20-quart cooler in it sideways just to give you an idea of how much it can hold.

The version I have is the camo model but it comes in 5 different colors including urban camo which is white black there’s a cherry camo, there’s green, I prefer the regular camo which is dark green and sand color. It also has on the back very strong handles which are very rugged, which makes it easy to move.

There is a replaceable Skeg in the back so if you drag it on the beach instead of patching holes in your kayak you can just buy another Skeg. This is a good idea since anyone that drags a kayak around for a while knows that they will begin to put a hole through the bottom.

It weighs about 72 pounds all of these larger kayaks including the Jackson brands weigh about the same they’re all on the heavier side of the weight and aren’t lightweight by any means.


Features of the Old Town Predator MX Kayak Review



Final Thoughts

I have had this kayak for about 2 months, have used it for a while I love it and it’s the best fishing kayak I have ever had I would definitely buy it again and say this is, in my opinion, the best fishing kayak out there.

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