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Perception Tribe 11.5 Kayak Review

Perception Kayak Tribe Sit On Top for Recreation


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Even though there are plenty of brands that produce kayaks, as well as kayaking accessories, you will be hard-pressed to find a company that’s been around as long as Perception, and which has produced so many quality products. They have an extensive range of kayaks with more than fifteen different product families, and you are bound to find something that fits your requirements and specifications. What is also characteristic about them is that they seldom make a bad product, and no matter what you buy from them, the chances of making a mistake are very slim.

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So Why The Perception Tribe?

Even though they have something for everyone, where they excel are all-round kayaks that are made for everyone, fit any sized paddlers and can take you anywhere you want, fast and secure. This means that if you’re in the market for the next kayak to take you on an adventure, Perception’s kayaks are one of the places you should start at. While we’re discussing Perception’s all-round kayaks, one model that is absolutely worth mentioning is the Perception Tribe 11.5 sit-on-top kayak. It is the bigger brother of the Tribe 9.5, and as such will give you incredible performance and storage options, while not being too big and heavy. If this sounds like the kayak that you’re looking for, read on for the full review and see whether you should be heading out to your local dealer.

The Tribe 11.5 is an excellent model. It’s a solo kayak that got a speed boost over its smaller brother, and it also brings along improved storage options. Perception use a custom, high-grade polyethylene plastic with a specific rotational molding process which results in a very strong and durable construction. The one-piece construction and choice of materials make the Tribe UV-resistant, as well as impact-resistant, and that resistance will last you for years. The hull is designed with varying thickness, which gives it some extra strength where it’s necessary, and does away with any unneeded weight. To add up to the durability, the stern comes with a replaceable skid plate, which is a high-wear area. And, it is also stackable in case you have several of them.
The kayak comes with plenty of storage, it has both a small tankwell in the bow, as well as a larger, recessed one in the stern, and both come with bungee cords which lets you secure your gear on the deck, and out of your way. Along with that, there’s a deck plate with a cat bag in front of the seat, which holds your essentials, as well as a molded-in bottle holder within an arm’s reach. All of this is more than enough for a long day out, and you can carry everything you might need, and then some.
As far as performance and comfort go, the Tribe 11.5 has plenty of both, and you won’t feel lacking in any department. It’s fun in light surf, but once things get interesting it’s fast and maneuverable. Maintaining speed is no problem whatsoever, especially with the length of the hull. When discussing comfort, the kayak comes with a Comfort Seating System, which has an adjustable, removable high-back padded seat, and you won’t feel uncomfortable even after extended sessions out in the kayak. Molded-in footwells give you plenty of wiggle room and let you adjust your position throughout the day. What the kayak also has are soft touch carry handles at the stern and bow, as well as molded-in side handles, which combine together to let you carry your kayak to the launch site, or back to your car, or even around low water sections.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the aforementioned fact that Perception seldom make a bad kayak is as true as it gets for this model. If you’ve read the entire Perception Tribe 11.5 sit-on-top kayak review, you undoubtedly know that this model will give you plenty, and you will be able to spend long days out without feeling a lack of comfort and performance, and you will find a lot of excuses to carry everything you could possibly need.

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