Best Kayak Roof Rack

cars with kayaks on roof racks

Transporting a kayak can get a bit problematic and is nobody’s idea of fun. There are many kayak roof racks in the market.  If you are confused about which kayak rack to choose we have some great advice to get you going. Firstly if you just want a quick choice our top pick has to be … Read more

Top 8: Best Fish Fillet Knife

fish fillet knife cutting fish

Experienced anglers always have their fishing gear ready; their lure, bait, and rods are just some of the things a good fisherman has on hand. Another tool that anglers have is their fillet knives. If you’ve ever had to clean and cut your catch of the day, you’ll know how hard it is to do … Read more

NRS Boaters Paddling Glove Review

NRS Boaters Paddling Glove

Kayaking gloves Review Series! when looking at a bunch of gloves we tried to review a couple and find out which of the gloves compared and which were the best of this year. We may have missed a few so feel free to comment and give us ideas on what gloves we should review or which … Read more

Kayak Wetsuit Vs Kayak Drysuit How Do I Choose?

kayak wetsuit on rapids

Many kayakers when starting off have preferred to use traditional clothing – first layer, some trousers or neoprene shorts and a jacket to paddle. When there was a larger chance of getting soaked or seeing high waves. We chose to use a sleeveless kayak wetsuit. This would go very well for the spring and summer in central … Read more

Must Have Kayak Fishing Accessories

two persons pedaling a kayak

There are a few kayak accessories that are essential no matter what conditions you are fishing under, whether salt or fresh water, rivers or creeks, lakes and ponds, these few you have to have. The rod holder, and kayak trailer.The Rod HolderWill save you from so much frustration, you can’t even imagine. I prefer the … Read more

Top Kayak Carts Guide for 2022

kayak on top of kayak cart

We are pleased to bring you another guide article, this year we have put together a list of some of the best kayak carts on the market to bring you a overview of kayak carts, including and informative guide. We have tested these carts and found some subtle differences and some drastic differences in quality. … Read more

The Best Kayak Seat On Sale – Kayak Reviews

best kayak seat title

Kayak seats are an essential part of the comfort and mobility of a kayak and their value is sometimes greatly underestimated. If the kayak seat you use doesn’t fit you, is made of low-quality materials, or the construction isn’t very well made, there is no cockpit big enough and comfortable enough to save you. You … Read more

Best Kayak Accessories Guide

different sizes of kayak

Kayaking is just not about taking a kayak in the water and paddling. If you have been a kayaker for a while now, its likely that you know that kayaking is involves much more. All kayakers know that it is important to choose the right and the best kayak accessories to get the most out … Read more