NRS Boaters Paddling Glove Review

Kayaking gloves Review Series!

when looking at a bunch of gloves we tried to review a couple and find out which of the gloves compared and which were the best of this year. We may have missed a few so feel free to comment and give us ideas on what gloves we should review or which we missed and will try and get to them as soon as we can. We start off our paddling glove reviews with the NRS boaters paddling glove!

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NRS Boaters Paddling Glove Review

The NRS Boaters Paddling Glove is a great glove and a great piece of gear that I’ve used for the last NRS Boaters Paddling Glovetwo years. This is interesting because I don’t have a great deal of equipment that lasts! As you know we do a fair amount of kayaking here at kayaker guide and I would say I probably have used them for the last two years, at least 60 to 70 times and I usually go out anywhere from 4 to 7 hours per paddle. So I have use d these under a lot of stressful conditions; under warmer weather and colder weather and rain and pretty much anything in between! I would say that they are fairly light weights so I would suggest you not use them in whether that is much less then 55°. Your hands will be cold if you go beyond that, and I would suggest a heavier glove for those conditions.

The material on the back of the NRS Boaters Paddling Glove is kind of like a spandex material. It’s relatively thin. It says UPF 50. I haven’t really noticed that as far as protection from the sun but I will say it is pretty thin. If the top gets wet and the temperature is kind of cool. Your hands will start to get cold. It’s got a very nice thick leather glove. It’s really stiff and it does a great job of protecting your hands from blisters. It’s got a nice sham near the thumb which is great for perspiration. It’s a little rougher than maybe the sham you find on cycling gloves or other gloves. As far as temperature control these gloves don’t really have anything in the way of that. So you are going to have to wash them periodically. Regarding fit the gloves are extra large my hand measurements around is 8 ½ inches and the gloves fit more or less.

Final pros:

  • great contact with the paddle
  • good support to the hand
  • quick drying
  • long-lasting
  • good blister protection
  • comfort

Final cons:

  • bad for WW paddlers. Since the grip is not great

These have been a great piece of equipment and I would highly recommend them, especially since the seams and everything still continues to be intact. After all, the rigorous wear and use I have put them through!

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