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Intex Challenger K2

INTEX Challenger Inflatable Kayak Series: Includes Deluxe 86in Kayak Paddles and High-Output Pump – SuperStrong PVC – Adjustable Seat with Backrest – Removable Skeg – Cargo Storage Net


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Are you an apartment warrior without much storage space but you want a kayak? Are you on a really, really tight budget? Do you want something you can put on a calm lake on a warm afternoon and just loll in the sun? Then check out the Intex Challenger K2 kayak.

Make no mistake; this is not a kayak you will want to use on a swiftly flowing river, or in the surf or even on a windy day at the lake when the waves are up. It isn’t a swimming pool toy, but it is very much a recreational kayak, and you should limit it to slow moving streams or calm lakes. In rough water, you could very quickly get in over your head, no pun intended. Always, always wear a life jacket.

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So Why The Intex Challenger K2 Kayak?

This Intex kayak stores in a small cloth travel case that you can leave in the trunk of your car or in the corner of a closet when you aren’t planning to use it. It sets up and inflates very quickly – in under 10 minutes – and at just 25 pounds it’s easy to move around, even when inflated.

The K2 has a low profile, which adds to its stability, but it means you will also get wet. Taking a towel with you wouldn’t be a bad idea, but with a kayak like this, getting wet is to be expected, and in fact is part of the fun.

It has two directional skegs, but it is still quite maneuverable. Tracking can be something of a challenge because the skegs are small, but with a kayak like this, you will probably be more interested in floating into small inlets than cruising for long distances. With its good buoyancy and small skegs, this boat can get into water as shallow as 6 inches.

The Intex Challenger k2 is very durable. It was made with the rough handling a small kayak like this will have to endure in mind. It has 5 separate inflation chambers and is made of rugged vinyl. Should you get a rip in it, you can easily repair it with the included repair patch.

The ease of setup and portability rank very high with Intex K2 owners.  They also like its comfort, being surprisingly roomy for a small inflatable.Cons: Overall the biggest complaint about the Intex K2 is that the included oar is too short.  It is 84″ long, and owners have reported much better comfort and performance when they purchase a 96″ oar.  Some have complained about its tracking on the water, but it is not a high performance kayak.  It is designed for simple recreational use.

Customer Reviews Intex Challenger K2

snippet of a review from Amazon…”We took our kayaks to Pelican Harbor in Miami Beach. It was pretty windy and wavy, but still the kayak performed very well. Let me tell you, that was a workout! The kayak is super easy to assemble, and gets inflated in 5 mins or so. Deflating the kayak is even quicker. The material looks of good quality. What else can I say? Is a good deal and it will not take much space of your apartment.(read more here: Intex Challenger Review)”

snippet of a review from Amazon…”I purchased this inflatable kayak based on the reviews on amazon and cannot say enough about it! for the price and ease of use, it is the best! a great boat for beginners learning the art of simple kayaking, it is roomy and comfortable.(read more here: Intex Challenger Review)” Amazon Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Our Conclusion (Intex Challenger K2)

The K2 is 9 feet long, so it doesn’t have much space for carrying extra gear. In fact, if you are in the 200 pound range, this kayak may not be for you. Intex rates its capacity at 220 pounds. For those of you under 200 pounds, you can stow a small amount of spare gear behind the seat or in the bungee storage area in front.

Several users have reported problems with the paddles. Some have said that they are too short and others have reported that they have broken after just a few uses. But others have reported no problems at all. Your experience will depend on your size and the way you use the kayak. Paddles are readily available, but some can be quite expensive, running upwards of $100.

In summation, this Challenger kayak is aimed at users who are less interested in touring or rough water kayaking. It’s a general purpose recreational kayak, suitable for the novice or someone who just wants to relax on the water. At around $100 you would be hard pressed to find a cheaper, more enjoyable way to get on the lake or river.

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