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Sevylor Tahiti Classic Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Sevylor Tahiti Classic Inflatable Kayak


high performance great features

  • Price = 5/5
  • Design = 4.5/5
  • Stability = 4/5
  • Features = 4/5
  • Quality = 4/5
If you have contemplated buying a kayak in the past and decided it was to expensive, or it would be to big to transport or store then this sevylor inflatable kayak could be the answer to your problems.

Here at Sit On Top Kayak we try to cater for all levels of Kayak users and we thought this would be a great entry level kayak with it’s great features and inexpensive price.

As well as suiting someone new to kayaking if you have limited space or a small vehicle this again would be an ideal choice.

Lastly we thought it would be a great choice for families who take regular camping expeditions in areas where there are lakes. You and your family or friends could spend hours of fun with this kayak on nearby waterways and then just deflate and pack it away ready for your next camping trip.

So lets talk a little bit about this 2 person inflatable kayak;

first off once inflated [which takes around 15 minutes with a foot pump] it is around 13 feet long and will hold close to 600lbs, the actual inflated kayak weighs in at around 30lbs so it’s pretty light-weight and can be carried by one person. If you are a larger or tall person this is a boat that is built for comfort and was designed with all types of people in mind.

The price is really good for this kayak and of course you won’t need to buy expensive roof racks or additional garage shelving to store it.

If your worried about the safety of an inflatable kayak then we here at kayak reviews can calm you fears. This kayak has eight heavy duty chambers for safety if one accidentally deflates for some reason it is no big deal you will stay afloat and you can leisurely paddle to shore and either patch or pump it up. This should not be an issue as Sevylor actually guarantees this kayak not to leak!

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Features of the Sevylor Inflatable Sit On Top Kayak

  • Great Price
  • 13 feet long, two person kayak that holds up to 595lbs
  • Simple to Inflate & Deflate
  • Built in dual-tracking fins for simpler steering
  • Easy to Transport & Store
  • Has a Recessed storage compartment containing a secure cargo net.
  • Comes with two sets of 86 Inch aluminum paddles
  • constructed of heavy-duty 25-gauge PVC
  • Super Comfortable
  • Sevylor Exclusive Air Tight Guarantee; this kayak is guaranteed not to leak

Customer Reviews

Users of this kayak are raving about it’s great price, durability and easy storage, here is what one happy buyer had to say;

“This boat was FANTASTIC. It is my first kayak, and I wasn’t planning on loving it right from the start. I couldn’t wait to put it in, and even after fumbling around with the foot pump trying to find the right valve attachment, I was on the water in 15 minutes! When I finished, I decided to only deflate the outer chamber and one other chamber. I was able to fold it in three, slide it into the back of my Toyota Matrix, and STILL see out the back window when driving. My friend was still putting his kayak on the roof rack when I was finished! “

Our Conclusion at Kayak Reviews

As you can see there’s a lot of good reasons to buy this top rated inflatable kayak and here at Sit On Top Kayak we were very impressed by it’s cheap price, durability and of course we loved that it was so easy to transport anywhere and store. Don’t just take our word for it check out over thirty reviewers who have given it a top rating of five stars below

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