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Riot Kayaks Edge 13 LV Kayak Review

Riot Kayaks Edge 13 LV Flatwater Day Touring Kayak (Yellow/Orange, 13-Feet)


high performance great features

  • Price = 4.5/5
  • Design = 5/5
  • Stability = 4.8/5
  • Features = 5/5
  • Quality = 5/5

There are certain people who don’t require an inflatable kayak, as they would rather appreciate the speed and stability they get with a hard-shell model. Hard-shell models are known to last longer, offer more agility and speed, and have higher tolerances for weight.

They also usually offer more comfortable seating as you don’t wiggle around the cockpit as you do with some lower quality inflatables. However, when getting a hard-shell kayak, it’s preferable that you get a model that doesn’t weigh a lot, so you can move it around without much issues, and pack it away when you’re going home.

Finding such a kayak can be tricky, as a lot of the models either compromise on weight, or cost way too much. However, if you read our Riot Kayaks Edge 13 LV review, you will see why if you’re a person that has the aforementioned preferences and requires such specifications, you shouldn’t skip this kayak when you’re shopping.

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About The Edge 13 LV And Its Specifications

This kayak is an excellent mixture of important features, and shape. The construction is made to offer primary and secondary stability that you can feel from the very moment you step inside it. It also won’t overturn in the water either, which makes it a great tool for anyone looking to do some secondary activities when kayaking, such as fishing, or photography, as well as a great kayak for beginners. It’s built out of rotomolded polyethylene, which is a good option when we’re discussing both performance and durability. Tracking is taken care of by the retractable skeg, and it’s also guaranteed in a variety of conditions. The Edge 13 LV is made to respond to each and every one of your strokes, accelerate smoothly and turn easily. You will be amazed by its performance, which leaves little to be desired.

The next most important thing after construction and performance, when discussing kayaks, is comfort. What use is a kayak with plenty of additional features and incredible speed, when you don’t feel comfortable when you’re using it? To solve this, the Edge 13 LV comes with a custom-fit seating system, and plenty of room in the cockpit. The cockpit also has integrated thigh braces, as well as adjustable foot braces, which means that you can adjust it to fit your size and body, and not worry about it even when paddling. You won’t have any issues whatsoever even after extended periods of paddling.

Last but not least, every person who gets a kayak will most likely want to carry some gear, and storage is an important thing to look at when you’re getting a kayak. From that point of view, the Edge 13 LV by Riot Kayaks gives you two, bulkhead-sealed compartments, at the front and rear, and both of them come with dual-density hatch covers that will offer protection to your gear. The compartments are enough for your gear, be it fishing gear or photography gear, or even your overnight gear. You won’t be able to fit too much, though, as they aren’t that big, but you should be able to take your essentials without any issues.

If the aforementioned has you convinced to get this kayak, it’s only fair that you know of its downsides as well. There are only two, but to some they may be a dealbreaker. One of them is that the seat has a slight tendency to shift and move while you’re paddling, and you might have problems with adjusting it when you’re in the water. The second one is that due to the design, there is a possibility of some water entering the vessel from the front, but that can be easily solved if you’re a bit more careful when paddling.


For anyone looking for a hard-shell kayak that won’t break the bank, and yet offers performance that is unrivaled by anything in its price category, you pretty much can’t go wrong with this one. Yes, it does have a few quirks here and there, but when you compare that to the benefits you get with it, you will see that they are absolutely negligible. Simply said, you can’t find a reason good enough to stop you from buying it.

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