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Sevylor Tahiti Fishing & Hunting Inflatable Kayak

Sevylor C001 Tahiti Hunt Fish 2 Person Kayak


high performance great features

  • Price = 4.5/5
  • Design = 4/5
  • Stability = 2/5
  • Features = 3/5
  • Quality = 3.5/5
At kayakerguide we like to showcase a wide range of different priced kayaks and we’d like to point out right from the start that the Sevylor Tahiti Fishing and Hunting Inflatable Kayak is a great entry level kayak but if you are already  experienced in kayak fishing and are very serious about it as a pastime then you might want to purchase a more expensive fiberglass model.

The difference between buying a fiberglass model and an inflatable isn’t just the cost of the kayak it is all the extras that you will need. To transport your fiberglass kayak you will need a roof rack for the kayak as well as a storage rack for your garage. You’ve  also got to think about transporting the kayak and even theft, at least with an inflatable kayak it can be stored indoors out of the way.

Normal kayaks are a bit paradoxical. The idea of utilizing a good kayak is to travel light, float into hard-to-reach areas, and to not “break the bank” hunting and fishing. Unfortunately, most solid body kayaks are difficult to tote around without a vehicle rack. They take a few seasons to become proficient at maneuvering, and depending on the brand, they can be very expensive.

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The Tahiti two-person hunting and fishing kayak is an excellent improvement on solid body kayak models. With any innovation, there are several positive features and a few that require some attention. The Tahiti fish and hunt kayak is a great example of sportsman equipment that attempts to meld lifestyle with versatility.

Most standard kayaks only have room for one fit individual and a minimal amount of gear. This inflatable kayak provides room for two people and a moderate amount of equipment weighing up to 400 pounds. Normal kayaks are also prone to rolling over. The Tahiti hunting and fishing kayak has oversized inflatable side panels that resist cross-currents and roll-overs.

Other improvements featured on the Tahiti kayak include bow and port splash covers to reduce taking-on water, a sturdy skeg to control direction, reinforced bottom ribbing, and airlocks on all nozzles. The inflatable seats are small but comfortable, and the color is a natural earth-tone green.

Though the Tahiti hunting and fishing two-person inflatable kayak is made from 26 gauge PVC material, caution is recommended when using it in shallow waters. The advantage of a traditional kayak is a solid outer shell that is impervious to punctures. This kayak should be navigated in areas where below-the-surface snags, rocks and pilings are not present. Much more weight can be accommodated by this inflatable model, but that extra weight increases the risk of punctures and grounding.

The greatest setback to the design of the Tahiti hunting and fishing inflatable kayak is that paddles are not included. This model is very stable, lightweight and maneuverable, but its dimensions require the use of specific types of paddles and paddling technique. Since it is lightweight, this kayak can be influenced by wind and fast moving water. Both occupants of the Tahiti will want to use an offset, double-sided paddle to provide maximum control. The body of this kayak is much wider than a traditional model, so the paddles should also be extra long. The total length of the Tahiti is nearly ten feet. With a full load and choppy water, it behaves more like a dinghy when paddling, but it slides through the water like a single-person kayak.

It is made from heavy duty PVC, holds two people and a combined weight with any equipment you are carrying of 400lbs, inflated it is 10 Feet9 Inches long  and  2 Feet4 Inches wide. It inflates and deflates in next to no time.

Sevylor guarantee this kayak not to leak due to their exclusive sevylor Feets Airtight System, The kayak double lock valves stops accidental air loss with its two air chambers and therefore enables fast, simple inflation and deflation.

The Kayak is Certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association NMMA

This hunting and fishing kayak is made stable by the tubular I-beam floor. Not only is it stable it is exceptionally comfortable as well due to the specially designed inflatable seats, which offer great back support which makes an extended hunting or fishing trip much more enjoyable.

To ensure low visibility while hunting the kayak is camouflage colored, blending in nicely with your surroundings.

Of course like all inflatable kayaks it is easy to store and to transport, if you have an out of the way fishing or hunting spot it would be ideal for a couple of guys to take turns in carrying it to your planned location which would be impossible with a cumbersome fiberglass kayak.


  • A two Person Inflatable Kayak designed for fishing or hunting
  • Manufactured from 26 gauge heavy duty PVC
  • Has 2 Air Chambers for Safety
  • Stability provided by a  tubular I-beam floor
  • Ergonomic seating with comfortable back supports
  • Has Two spray covers for protection
  • Camouflage design
  • Holds a total weight of 400Lbs
  • Dimensions are 10 feet 9 inches x 2 feet 4 inches
  • Two 3 inch patches to repair holes

Customer Reviews of this Kayak

Achieving a stellar 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars the Tahiti from Sevylor is deemed a quality kayak for its price by its users,

We liked this guys review sounds like the ideal life, don’t you think?

“I bought my Tahiti kayak in 2002 I bought it because I like  cruising around the world in different cruise ship lines in my vacations with my wife. I found that tours were very expensive so we decided to buy an inflatable kayak that we can use in  specially in the Caribbean islands we took ours even in cruises to Croatian and Greece the Tahiti performs in an excellent manner I found that if you take care of it by cleaning and deflating after a run it will last for ever I keep mine indoors.”


Overall, the Tahiti two-person inflatable hunting and fishing kayak fulfills the demands of the compact and active lifestyle marvelously. With a reliable hand pump, it can be ready for use in minutes without the need to secure cumbersome pieces to the roof of a vehicle, or a trailer. With similar ease, it can be deflated and packed in a space measuring less than three cubic feet. The price of the Tahiti kayak is far below what its capabilities would suggest, and it is perfect for the sportsman who needs to be mobile in a variety of conditions.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this review this kayak would be great for the kayak novice or  even for an experienced kayak fisher who needs something a bit more portable. We would suggest buying the optional skeg to give you better control in the water, you will also need some paddles. So if your looking for something a bit more professional but expensive check out some of our other kayak reviews but for a low cost, portable and hard wearing if looked after kayak we would recommend the Sevylor Tahiti Fishing and Hunting Inflatable Kayak.

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