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Sea Eagle 370 Review



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Do you want to cruise a smooth lake on your next vacation? Or do you want to race down a river? The Sea Eagle 370 is a versatile tool for anything. It is very portable, and even though you can carry up to three people with their gear, only one of them is necessary to transport it. The material is also tough enough to be able to withstand claws and paws, so you can take your pet with you. At the end of the day, you can pack the SE370 inside a storage bag and take it home. But, what makes it so special?

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Features of Sea Eagle 370

  • National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) certified
  • Available with open and close drain valve
  • Features five deluxe valves, which are one way
  • Hull resistant to sun and saltwater
  • Comes with inflatable spray skirts
  • Offers I – beam construction floor
  • 2 skegs on the bottom for better tracking & speed
  • Comes equipped with pressure gauge, printed instruction manual and repair kit
  • A grab line with bow and stern

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Deluxe Tandem Package - The Deluxe Tandem Package for Sea Eagle 370 includes a variety of options. It comes with all the features of the Sea Eagle 370 normal offering, and a high capacity ABS foot pump, carry bag and three chambers.

Pro Package - The Pro Package is perhaps the most popular for the Sea Eagle 370. Even this is available with all the normal features and comes with durable 38 mil polykrylar.

QuickSail Package – You might not love using your kayaks to set sail as quickly as possible. With the Quick Sail package of Sea Eagle 370, the problem is taken care of.

Sport Fishing Package – Everyone loves fishing, and if you had a kayak exclusively for this purpose, that would be great! Thus, the sport fishing package from Sea Eagle includes a multi – purpose storage box with two rod holders.

Sea Eagle 370 Compact

Versatility is key with the Sea Eagle 370. It manages well in a number of situations, from calm waters where you might want to go fishing, to rough rivers and canyons, it can pretty much do it all. It comes with inflatable seats which also happen to be removable, and you can move them to better suit your seating. The kayak is made to carry up to three people and their gear, with a maximum weight limit of 650 pounds. The kayak itself, however, weighs only 32 pounds and you can pack it in a storage bag for convenience. The cargo space adds to the versatility, since you don’t have to worry about your fishing gear being all over the place when you’re in the water, or your snacks being out in the open. This model comes with a self-bailing drain valve, which might prove to be handy when in white water rivers or in ocean turf. Tracking and speed are taken care of by the pair of molded skegs, that will make sure your paddling effort is maximized and the kayak tracks smoothly across the water.

Sea Eagle 370 Parts

We all know that this is the key to a good kayak, since without it you might end up getting rid of your kayak in favor of an upgraded model, and you don’t want that, do you? The material used for the Sea Eagle SE370, Polykrylar, is extra thick at 33 millimeters meaning it will definitely withstand the test of time. It also guarantees that you can take your pet with you on your next holiday, and not worry that it will damage the kayak with its paws or claws. The kayak is made up of three chambers, and its construction is sturdy and made to last. It is designed to be able to take a hit and continue working like nothing happened, and it does that pretty well. The welded seams are welded with a power of 10.000 volts, and that makes sure that the fusion of pieces of material lasts for years.

Sea Eagl 370 Inflatable Kayak

While it is true that it does not quite match the feel of a plastic kayak, the Sea Eagle SE370 will make sure you keep on moving. It is also worth mentioning that it is very easy to paddle it solo, and you will therefore have very little to no issues if you’re going somewhere with it all alone.

 Top Customer Praise 

  • High quality materials and seams mean it will last for ages and it’s able to take a punch
  • It can be deflated in a couple of minutes and placed in a storage bag that takes up very little space
  • Easy to paddle and maneuver, whether you are alone or with somebody else
  • Cargo space for all the equipment you’d like to take with you
  • You don’t have to worry about your pets damaging it

Top Negative Reactions

  • The seats won’t quite appeal to everyone, and the lack of back support can be a dealbreaker
  • Lack of attachment points (the only ones are on the ends, where you attach the spray skirts)


To sum things up, if you’re looking for a versatile kayak for yourself, or you and one or two others, this is a very good deal. The Sea Eagle 370 is a high-quality kayak, made with the best quality seams and durable materials that you can take with you in a variety of conditions. It is easy to maneuver and once you get it going, it makes sure you keep moving. Plus, you can always easily carry it around in a bag and deflating it when you’re done is a piece of cake. At the end of the day, what’s there not to like?

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Sea Eagle 370 FInal

Read More: Bonus Owner Testimonial

By: Maryanne Curfman

One of the biggest benefits of the Sea Eagle 370 is its inflatable nature. It makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere you want. Generally, people don’t have room for fiberglass kayaks, and its very hard to move them from one location to another, so this was a perfect option for me.

Additionally, I hate kayaking alone, so this kayak from Sea Eagle allows me to take an additional person with me to the water. Being a “senior citizen”, I was a bit uncomfortable buying it online without seeing it first. However, when the package arrived I was thrilled with it. Now we are planning weekend trips to every lake nearby where I can use the kayak and I just love it.


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