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Sea Eagle Explorer 300X Review

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The Sea Eagle Explorer 300X is for the water lover, there is only one thing that will satisfy a dry soul: getting wet. The best way to do that this summer; the Sea Eagle Explorer 300X kayak.

This model has been highly anticipated and much adored since it's release into the kayak market. Sea Eagle is a trusted and respected brand of high quality and durable inflatable water crafts. Sea eagle has been well received by water sport enthusiasts from their initial product launching some time ago.

With the Explorer 300X model, Sea Eagle has taken all the best aspects of previous models and improved upon some aspects that the consumers felt could use some improvement. The end result; the ultimate inflatable kayak.

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is one of the most important factors in buying a kayak of any kind. The Explorer 300X does not disappoint in this area. The material is constructed of reinforced, triple-layer, high-pressure fabric. This insures the highest quality product that is rugged, durable, sturdy and long lasting. This kayak can take hit and keep on trucking!. This kayak can even take a hard hit from an object that would puncture most inflatable vessels. The high performance material that has shaped the Explorer 300X is designed to be UV resistant, long lasting and resistant to chemicals, gas and oil. Overall the material is completely waterproof and extremely resilient.


sea eagle explorer 300x

This model shows the ingenuity of Sea Eagle and their ability to continue pressing the envelope with their kayak design and manufacturing. The Explorer 300X is 9'10'' X 39" and weighs in at only 28 pounds. It's interior is 8'9" x 16" and has the capacity for 395 lbs or one adult. It has 3 chambers, 3 air valves and inflates in a mere 5 minutes time. It also has a Whitewater rating that is suitable for up to a class IV. Also, it deflates down to only 24" X 16" X 6" which also makes it very compact and movable. With all of the standard features Sea Eagle is known for, the Explorer 300X is unmistakably one of the most brilliant inflatable kayaks on the market today. The fact that the Explorer 300X was so cleverly designed and yet also so cozy is something of a blessing. You get all the incredible specifications and the benefits of superior craftsmanship all rolled into a solo adventure dream craft.

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Being the most versatile inflatable kayak is no easy feat, but the Explorer 300X braves the open ocean just as easily as the surf or whitewater. When you add this to the fact that it is so well made and truly an ease to transport there is no water source that can not e conquered with the Explorer 300X. Of the thousands of Explorer 300X owners and or users one fact is easily seen; this kayak is a testament to water craft building and design. Owners have plastered the Internet with their satisfied reviews and even video recorded the awesome adventures they embarked upon, all over the world. The consensus is this model of inflatable kayak is undoubtedly one of the best inflatable kayaks made from Sea Eagle to date. The stability and maneuverability of the Explorer 300X are among the highest rated qualities for this model. The ease of use and the overall stability this kayak make it a fine choice for veteran boaters and beginners alike. The Explorer 300X's ability to maneuver through so many different water situations from whitewater rapids to the fierce rush of the ocean's surf makes this kayak a safe and sure bet for any kayaker no matter their experience level. Along with well designed stability and easy maneuverability the Explorer 300X additionally has quite the speed factor. With the right water circumstances and the correct skills the Explorer 300X can really make moves. Of course, the ability to attain higher speeds depends on the water conditions and the weight of the kayak's load, this includes the driver and any cargo that might be on board. Given that the Explorer 300X has exceptional cargo space despite it's compact, solo driver design. In addition, the Sea Eagle Explorer 300X makes a great fishing boat.

With the stability, cargo space and maneuverability any fisherman could enjoy this inflatable kayak. The Explorer 300X and it's ability to be transported so easily makes it easy to get it in the most difficult of places to enjoy fishing in comfort and stability. The design of the solo seat makes for a comfortable ride and an enjoyable sitting experience for the seasoned fisherman. With all of the Explorer 300X's positive attributes and overall quality this kayak has a very rugged and forgiving construction.

The Explorer 300X is also thought to be comparable to a canoe and easily used for instruction for first time kayakers. With it's sturdy design and easy maneuverability it makes for a easy lesson. Beginners have raved about how simple it was to learn how to kayak with the Explorer 300X compared to more rigid and unforgiving kayak models. The stability and durability allow the trainee to let loose and not hold back for fear of damaging the kayak.

This model takes a pounding and bounces right back, just as dependable and stable as ever. When you're not worrying about your craft popping on every rock your able to really get into the flow and experience unbridled water fun.


In conclusion, The Explorer 300X might just be the best inflatable kayak to ever grace the water. It embodies all the safety, durability, stability, maneuverability and comfort that you would expect from Sea Eagle and their quality line of water crafts. When you purchase the Sea Eagle Explorer 300X you are not only getting a state of the art inflatable kayak, you are getting a brilliantly engineered vessel to transport you on any water adventure one could imagine. The possibilities for complete and utter enjoyment are infinite. There is no greater test than to take out and experience the Explorer 300X personally. Until the envelope is pushed to the edge and every feature has been tried, one fails to truly partake in all that Sea Eagle has diligently crafted and therefore is wholeheartedly missing out on the experience of a lifetime. Some might even go as far as to say that the experience may just be on the cusp of true water nirvana. The only way to know for sure is to get out and try for yourself. Happy Kayaking!

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Top Customer Praise 

  1. Tracks and turns well
  2. Great for heavy people
  3. Spacious 
  4. Very Rugged
  5. Great rod pod
  6. Very stable
  7. Good for fishing

Top Negative Reactions 

  1. Self Bailing not comfortable according to 1 user

Customer Recommendations 

  1. Customer recommended to get this kayak with the fishing seat for more comfortable fishing.
  2. A customer recommended you skip the tall back seats and go with the deluxe kayak seats that have better back support and comfort.


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