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Are you the type of person who wants a boat that's easy to carry and can be used for sailing? Or are you looking for a more portable replacement for a kayak? Well! Look no further! 

The Sea Eagle Paddleski is one boat you should definitely give some consideration to. Why? Well, this is one of the best available sea eagle inflatable kayaks, suitable for multiple purposes including sailing. And if you're also looking for a perfect-for-two you can check the Sea Eagle 473rl review we've made.

When buying a kayak, reviews are important to guide you on your journey to obtaining one that suits your taste. 

The inflatable paddleski offers amazing portability for users, it is very stable and portable. For kayaks, which you can fold into your car, this is one of the best choices for you. The Sea Eagle 435ps Paddleski is an inflatable kayak that is suited for fishing trips, motoring, and more. Packing the paddleski in your car is easy and requires only one person.

Compiled in this paddle ski review are some reasons you may want to consider the paddleski.

The design is amazing

The Sea Eagle 435ps paddleski is designed similarly to a catamaran kayak. It is foldable and can fit into your car for easy transport. The 435ps offers stability and speed. One of the most amazing features of the sea eagle 435ps is that it is portable. It weighs about 42 pounds (lbs.), which adheres to the kayaking stability tips and guide.

This paddle ski offers seat space enough for two individuals on a ride across the sea. This paddle ski is constructed from the 1100 Decitex and with a flooring material of 1000 Denier. This sea eagle kayak is equipped against saltwater which means you can count on the durability of this one. Sea eagle when making this kayak obviously had customers in mind. Believe it or not, this product comes with a mind-blowing warranty.

This product has yet another amazing design quality in that there are a variety of the sea eagle 435ps packages you can obtain, including a great package that includes a mountable topsail. 

You get enough space for comfort

This is one of the best inflatable kayak you can find, it is spacious and convenient. It is definitely one you would want to take on a fishing trip. Its weight capacity is 635 pounds (lbs.).

The Sea Eagle Paddleski has enough space for 2 users. It allows two paddlers, one in the front and the other at the rear. It is the perfect kayak for your trip either with your son, wife, or family.

According to seaboatsreview, the Sea Eagle 435ps has the best stability of all the sea eagles known as inflatable kayaks. So you do not have to worry about waves in the sea when on a trip. The kayak is raised 4inches above water level allowing for smooth sailing and stability.

Package Options

Sea Eagle Paddleski on white bg

The Sea Eagle 435ps has about 5 different packages to suit your kayak needs. 

The five packages are; Sea Eagle 435 PaddleSki Deluxe package, pro Kayak package, Fishing package, Pro Carbon package, Water snake motor package, Sailing package.

The Paddleski Deluxe package consists of the kayak paddleski, two AB30 paddles, two inflatable seats, the hull bags, kits, and a pump. The pro kayak package consists of two AB40 paddles, the paddleski, hull bags, two tall-back seats, a foot pump, and kits. The fishing package is another exclusive 435ps package. It consists of the paddleski, one front AB30 paddle, motor mount, two mount rod-holders, carries a bag, a foot pump, and repair kit.

The water snake package consists of the paddleski, two tall-back seats, two AB40 paddles, a motor mount, a 34lbs. venom dual electric motor, kayak bag, foot pump, and repair kit. 

And finally, the sailing package which consists, the paddleski, sail rig, one tall-back seat, rigging bag for sail parts and kayak carry bag.

These packages are all designed to suit any water type preferences providing you with enough stability and control. However, the rod-holder feature is unique to the fishing package. So you may have to purchase it as an accessory or with the package.

But, maybe you wanted more, so, we've made sure to also list the best sailing kayak and the things you need to know before purchasing any of these options.

Personal view about the Kayak

This inflatable kayak is no doubt very suitable for fishing, has good speed, and surprisingly lightweight. This kayak is one with durability and whose price seems ridiculous for the value it offers. However, having a motor on this kayak is seemingly not the best. 

With a raised tall-back seat, this kayak was designed to help avoid getting wet inside. However, some of the sea kayaks do not allow for support or moving around to the back seats.

Also, there are accessories a professional or die-hard fisher or kayak lover may need, although these are available but at high prices. 

No doubt this is one of the best available kayaks especially coming from Sea Eagle with their reputation on durability. So, when you are planning to purchase or obtain a kayak, you can go for this one. But, make sure to know what package suits your use and go for that package.

Should you buy?

Of course! The sea eagle 435ps paddleski offers features no other kayak has exhibited alone. Looking at the catamaran design which no other sea eagle product has exhibited. The catamaran feature of this product is as unique as the big warranty that comes with it. So, you do not need to fear when obtaining this paddleski, if it goes faulty then use the warranty. (1)

Aside from the catamaran kayak feature, portability and affordability are also one of the reasons this may be the kayak for you.  So, you may need to obtain that from an online marketplace that officially sells the items. (2)


The Sea Eagle 435ps paddleski with no doubt offers one of the best sea experience. Having stability, durability, and flexibility like no other. It is, however, a topnotch product. I hope this paddleski review has provided you with enough details and information you need about the Sea Eagle kayak. 

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