Best 5+ of 2022: Kayak Sail Reviews (Updated!)

Most people don’t know what they’re looking for when they are buying a kayak sail and end up buying something they hate and have to return. We’re here to help after compiling hours upon hours of data on different types of kayak sails we think we have some of the best expertise in the sector … Read more

Top 11+ Best Fish Finder of 2022 (Lowrance, Hum)

The best fishing kayak, top of the range reel and tackle, extensive range of lures and bait, and still no fish! Fish are supposedly everywhere, yet you sometimes need the help of a device to find them.A simple solution that was appreciated by anglers was the introduction of fish finders. However, many are still unfamiliar … Read more

Top 5+ Best Pedal Kayak of 2022 (BKC, Hobie)

Kayaks have been around for over 4000 years with some of the oldest kayaks from 1577 still on display in museums today. The original kayaks were made for fishing and traveling. The kayak has gone through many evolution’s throughout it’s time it has gone from a hull being made out of any materials available at … Read more

Best Kayak Roof Rack

cars with kayaks on roof racks

Transporting a kayak can get a bit problematic and is nobody’s idea of fun. There are many kayak roof racks in the market.  If you are confused about which kayak rack to choose we have some great advice to get you going. Firstly if you just want a quick choice our top pick has to be … Read more

Best Fishing Kayak Under 400

a kayaker checking his fishing rod in a lake

Craving for a kayaking adventure but can not decide which is the best fishing kayak? Choosing a perfect Kayak is key to having the best fishing trip. The best fishing kayaks under $400 will not only be affordable but also will be secure. With the options available in the market, it is nearly impossible for a … Read more

Best Kayak Paddle Under 100

orange paddle on cement

Besides maneuvering the kayak, a kayak paddle also defines how fast the kayak travels and how quickly you can pivot the kayak while ensuring that your hands don’t get fatigued. The good news is that scoring a high-performance kayak paddle doesn’t ask for loads of money; you can get one well under $100. To ease … Read more

Best Trolling Motor For Kayak

fishing with trolling motor

With kayak fishing becoming more and more popular, it was only a matter of time before someone had the idea of sticking a trolling motor on a kayak, having made lives easier for a whole bunch of us. The change is welcome as it not only decreases the mechanical work one has to put in … Read more

Best Kayak GPS

gps strapped to a kayak

A GPS is one of the most essential tools you can bring along when on a day out on the waters. With a good kayak GPS, you will have the ability to find out your staying spot when you are lost in addition to finding restricted areas and discovering brand-new paths.For you to get the … Read more

Best Touring Kayak

touring kayaks on lake

We consulted our kayak experts over a period of 3 weeks and over 60 hours we have taken every review and reference into account including hours of time in the water with our number one. These are by far our top 6 choices, other models did not even come close. Our review will cover;Our Top pick … Read more