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CANADIAN CANOE 20151118162026Coleman Canoes have been a popular choice of buyers since they were first produced back in the 1970’s. They are particularly popular among campers. These canoes are great for recreation as they are extremely stable and the durable canes give them the Coleman name.

There are three popular choices of Coleman Canoes. One of these is the 2007 Coleman Odyssey Canoe. It measures 17 feet and five inches when fully assembled. The canoe weighs in at 91 pounds. The capacity is 1050 pounds.

The Odyssey was keeled in order to reduce side slipping while improving the tracking. It has a moderate slope at the bow and the stern. The seats are foam filled in width and depth which adds to the structural support. There are handy carrying handles. The Odyssey also has two drink holders.

A second popular choice is the 2007 Coleman Journey Canoe which measures 15 feet and six inches when it is ready to hit the water. This canoe is built about as sturdy as they can be constructed with virtually indestructible Ram-X material.

The Journey is a few pounds lighter than the Odyssey weighing in at 84 pounds. It also offers a keeled and rounded hull intended to reduce the side slipping while improvng the tracking. It also offers a moderate slope at the bow and stern. Like the Odyssey this model also offers the same type seats, handles, and drink holders.

The third choice is the Coleman Square Stern Canoe. When fully assembled, The Square Stern measures 15 feet by six inches. It can seat three people. It weighs in at 114 pounds. It can carry a weight of 660 pounds. It can easily handle a 4 hp outboard and still handle well.

There are still a number of Coleman Canoes that can be purchased used, sometimes new, since the company was taken over by Pelican.




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