Choosing Rogue River Canoes


Exploring water, and the nature that surrounds, it is a popular past time for many people around the world. In some areas canoes are still used as a major source of transportation.

Canoes allow people to go from one place to another. They do not leave any trails or markings along their paths. Canoes also do not produce any toxins that are released into the atmosphere.

There are many different styles of canoes. Each style has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. One of the most popular styles of canoes is the Rogue River canoes. This style of canoe has been in existence for many years. However, in recent years this style of canoe has seen some improvements. These improvements have helped insure these canoes will remain popular for many more years.

The Rogue River canoes are made from wood as many styles are. This style of canoe features flared sides and a high stem. These features help insure the passengers will have a comfortable ride and stay drier even on the most turbulent waters. These features also help reduce the risk of capsizing as it is sturdier than other styles of canoes.

There are several models of Rogue River canoes to choose from when searching for a canoe. The smallest of these styles has an overall length of just under thirteen feet. It weighs around 190 pounds and can carry up to two people. The largest style of Rogue River canoes measures around sixteen and a half feet in length. It weighs around 350 pounds and can carry up to four people plus gear. Prices for these canoes range around $6000 up to around $7500.

People who are just beginning to enjoy the sport of canoeing often choose Rogue River canoes. This is because these canoes offer good handling and are easily maneuverable even in strong waters. These canoes also last a long time when properly maintained after use.