Kayak Reviews – Brands and Individual Kayaks Reviewed

Kayak Reviews

Here at the Kayaking Journal, we’ve compiled a series of reviews on various kayaks and kayaking accessories.


These reviews are subjective and admittedly unscientific. They are based on our own experience with these products, as well as comments we’ve received from other paddlers.

We’ve tried to provide a fair assessment of these products–pointing out both their good and bad points (as we’ve experienced them)–and we are not paid to promote any particular product over another.

Modern kayaks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and the boat you choose should match your needs and skill level (and of course, your pocketbook).

Also be aware that kayak reviews, just like any other product, are highly subjective. A boat that 9 people absolute love, can be a real turkey to the 10th reviewer. Paddlers come in all shapes, sizes (and dispositions), and so consider carefully before taking a single negative (or positive) review to heart.

Our advice is to shop around when considering a kayak purchase, and take one out on the water if you can. Look for “demo days” in your area, or see if there’s a rental shop where you can take the yak you’re interested in out for a few hours and run it through its paces. Also talk to other paddlers in your area and find out what their experiences have been with this particular boat.

Then, when you’ve made your decision to buy, don’t be afraid to negotiate a better price if the circumstances warrant it.  Buying a kayak is sort of like buying a car (especially a high-end kevlar or composite boat) so there’s almost always room to maneuver on the price.

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