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Heritage Kayaks Review


Heritage Kayaks are a great choice for both the recreational paddler and angler alike. These affordable sit in or sit on top kayaks have become increasingly popular, with an ever-expanding network of dealers around the US and Canada.

Heritage kayaks are rugged, user friendly kayaks and have single seamless hulls rotomolded from high quality polyethylene plastic. These boats are lightweight for their size, easy to transport, stable on the water, track well, and are relatively easy to paddle even for a novice or complete beginner. They’re also some of the more affordable kayaks on the market, with several of the FeatherLite models starting at under $700.


The Products

Heritage kayak models are split into three main lines – traditional, sit on top, and fishing kayaks.

The FeatherLite series is Heritage’s traditional kayak line. As of 2011, they offer a FeatherLite 9.5, 12, 14 and tandem models. The model number represents the length of the boat. These kayaks are lightweight, and have stable hulls that perform well for general flatwater paddling on lakes, rivers, and the open ocean. These boats also feature Heritage’s new patented DVC (drains, vents, cushions) seating system. Other features include a large cockpit for easy entry and exit, stern and bow storage webs, adjustable foot braces, built-in flotation, gear isolation bulkhead and more.

The RedFish series is Heritage kayak’s line of sit on top boats. As of 2011, the company is offering 3 SOT kayaks – the RedFish 10, 12, and 14, with the model number representing the lenth of the boat in feet. These are open cockpit, self-bailing designs that are very user friendly even for first-time paddlers. The RedFish kayaks start at 46 pounds for the “10,” and the “14 weighs in at 72 pounds. These boats have ample dry storage in a bowl hatch in the bow. They also come equipped with the DVC seating system, and a set of comfortable footbraces. There are also 4 drain plugs on the boat to minimize water pooling.

Heritage kayaks line of fishing boats includes 2 FeatherLite angler models, and 3 RedFish SOT angler models. In addition to the features already included with these boats, they also have two flush-mounted rod holders, a deck-mounted spin cast rod holder, an anchor system, a paddle tether, the DVC seating system, lots of storage space for tackle and bait, and more.

The Pros and Cons

Most Heritage kayak owners that we’ve heard from seem to be happy with their boats. They report that the Heritage yaks are stable on the water, have plenty of storage space for their rods, tackle boxes, drinks, cameras and other gear. Overall the boats are efficient and comfortable (except for a few complaints about the seats as noted in the paragraph below) and well made, with good attention to detail. These seem to be especially well suited craft for fishing and recreational boating..

Most of the complaints that we’ve heard involve the seats on the Heritage boats. Some users felt the seats weren’t of the highest quality, and were a little uncomfortable on longer paddles. One owner also commented that his FeatherLite exhibited significant weathercocking when paddling downwind, and would recommended equipping that particular model with a rudder when possible.


Starting at under $700, Heritage Kayak offers a line of recreational and fishing kayaks that is hard to beat for the money. Most owners of these yaks are quite happy with their service even after several years of hard use, and would recommend them to their fishing and paddling friends.


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featherlt 12 1FeatherLite 12

The Heritage Kayaks FeatherLite 12 is an industry leader in entry level recreational kayaks. This yak has a very stable design you’ll appreciate right from the start. The Featherlite 12 has a large, non-confining cockpit, adjustable foot braces, and a padded foam seat. Other features include two end carry handles, bow and stern convenient shock cord storage webs and built-in flotation. The large cockpit makes it easy to get into, easy to get out! With a molded skeg to help keep tracking straight, the FeatherLite 12 will take you there!


Heritage Kayaks Osprey 12.9Heritage Osprey Fishing Kayak

This stable sit-on-top allows you to hop on and off quickly, and requires only a few strokes to get going or change direction. Carry handles on the ends and sides make loading less of chore; drain plugs (4) can minimize water from pooling around your feet; and the new DVCTM (drains, vents, cushions) Seating System offers comfort all the way “there and back.” The stern tankwell can hold a day’s worth of relaxation, and the new oval bow hatch provides easy-to-reach dry storage!


heritage kayak anglerHeritage Kayaks Angler 12′

The Heritage Kayaks Angler 12′ can introduce you to your future favorite spots with ease. Its stable platform adds confidence to your cast and makes it easy to reach for your gear. Angler – designed and tested recessed rod holders are located behind the seat, and the handy stern tankwell keeps track of your bait bucket or crate. New DVCTM (drains, vents, cushions) Seating System comfort encourages you to stay out from dawn until ? you’re done! The DVCTM Seating System has raised the standard for kayak seats.





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